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 I have been totally nonexistant to blogland lately, and there's a very good reason! 
Woo hoo!!!!
Okay, it wasn't to some magical land with lots of fruity drinks and delicious eye candy, but it was still amazing!  I will share more on this later in the week, but in the meantime, please meet CHELTEE! :)


Hello Beautiful People 

Thank you to Bri for letting me take up a little space on her blog for this afternoon.

I am sure many of you have no clue who I am so let me introduce myself.

Hello, I am Cheltee and I blog over at Something About You & Me.

I am a 21 year old newlywed who lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her handsome husband and fur babies.

I blog about being a new wife, dealing with my plus size body, and all my crazy life events.

If you want to know even more about me, then take a joy ride over to my blog and check me out.

Now lets get started with the little helpful words I have in store for you today.

 "5 things you may need to know about your future or current husband."

Before I get started with the list please keep in mind this is strictly out of my own brain, and every boyfriend, fiance, husband, or male is different.

He loves to feel needed by his woman

Come on ladies let your husband fix the jammed closet door or that silly necklace that allows gets tangled.

Every man loves to help out his damsel in distress. If he feels like you need a helping hand, for gosh sakes let him help.

Let him impress you!

Heck there are even times that I will tighten a jar a little tighter just to ask him to help me open it.

Even at times when he looks makes those sighs, he is actually loving the fact that you asked.

Remember though men also love an independent woman so do not be to needy.

Just because he doesn't say it doesn't mean he doesn't show it

All women love to hear the words I love you or You're beautiful and guess what we deserve it.

However just because he doesn't tell you it every time he sees you doesn't mean he doesn't care.

Men tend to use their actions then their words.

Kissing you on the cheek before heading out to a night on the town.

Sending you roses just because its Tuesday

Wrapping his arms around you as he passes through the kitchen

Putting the toilet seat down

Yep all these things are simple little ways to show that he is thinking about you.

Some are louder then others but he is doing it.

So the next time you think he is being a little distant look around and see what little things he is doing.

Tell him straight up

I don't know about you but I would rather have someone tell me whats wrong then me having to pull it out of them.

Your Husband probably feels the same way.

When your angry and your man asks what is wrong, don't say I am fine because your not.

Tell him what is up, if you need some time to calm down.

Tell him!!

"Hey babe, I love you but I just need a moment. We can talk about it later"

Bam Wam thank you Ma'am

Also if you are ready to talk and he doesn't act like he is listening. Don't Freak out!

Sometimes men just need a few minutes to process the situation.

Am I saying all men listen to every word your saying, NO, but most do try.

Don't nag him about taking time to process what just happened.

Give him a chance to think about what the right thing for him to do is.

He does care how he looks and most importantly how you look

It is true your husband probably doesn't know the difference between Gucci & Escada but he does know the difference between Hot & Not. (most of the time)

I will be the first one to say that my man takes forever in the bathroom in the morning.

Heck sometimes I am ready well before he is in the morning.

It is because my husband cares about what he looks like and I am sure yours does too.

He knows what shoes goes best with his jeans and white t-shirt.

When shopping he isn't just picking out a shirt, he is matching it with those torn up jeans you bought him for Christmas three years back.

When he goes shopping for you, he brings you not because he doesn't know what the hell he is doing.

He brings you because he doesn't want to piss you off if he gets the wrong size.

When he tells you, Babe you look banging, its not because he is thinking about sex (well maybe)

Its because he is thinking about all the guys who are going to be jealous that your his woman.

So maybe do a little test with your man and see how much he really pays attention to what you wear.

Let him pick out your outfit for an event or night out, I am telling you

He may just surprise you.

Show him what you want

So you want your husband to be more affectionate but you don't know how to tell him?

Well everyone needs a little helping hand, no one is perfect.

Instead of waiting til that big argument you have almost every other month to tell him how much you miss the romantic side of your relationship.

Try this!

The next time he makes you dinner because you had a long day at work, even if it is carry out.

Tell him how much you love the fact that he shows he cares in little ways like that.

You are not only making him aware of the fact that you know he is doing a great job but you are showing him he has the ability to do something affectionate.

Small steps are good steps.

Well thank you for wasting two minutes reading my silly little list.

If it didn't help you or at least put a smile on your face then I am sorry, not sorry.

Now go check out my blog and show some love.

Thanks again Bri!

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Thanks, Cheltee! :)  Here's to hoping the ladies will remember these helpful hints in moments of STRESS! 
Happy Monday, y'all!
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