New & Improved

It's time, my friends! 

I've been working on getting the blog up to speed for quite some time now, ever since I was naive and wanted to become more involved in the bloggy world. 

Well, it's been going great and my blog is growing.  It's also become to mean much more to me than just words.  I know that sounds silly, but it's true!  This blog has grown into something very near and dear to my heart, and it's been a great outlet for so much more than it ever was.  

Now, this blog is an encouragement - if not to others, then to myself.  Not only do I pour my heart and soul into it, but the feedback is totally encouraging to myself.  I am forever grateful for anyone and everyone that lifts me up when I'm down, prays with me for those in need (newtown, boston, west, oklahoma), or just offers words of encouragement and love.  I truly cherish each and every comment from my readers, so for that, THANK YOU!  I've also gotten questions from non-bloggers that read my blog asking if they can leave questions even if they don't have a blog of their own.  The answer is YES!  Simply click 'comment' to say what you want to say, and then you can either post as anonymous or you can just put your name so I know who you are and who to thank!  

With all of that being said, I've spent a lot of time deep in thought and prayer lately on where to go from here.  What's next?  What changes need to be made in order to continue my growth?  
The answer was clear: change the title of this here blog.  

That's right!  It's time to let go of: My Life Would Suck Without Me.  Let's face it, I'm no longer in the phase of my life that I was when this blog began over 4 years ago.  Now, that title is really no longer appropriate.  It's time to grow, as I've grown. So, I'd like to welcome you to 

With this new title, my blog can grow as I grow.  I truly hope that this change only allows more participation and readers instead of losing them.  I promise you that I read and respond to every single comment by email, if it allows me to. 

I truly hope that you will continue to follow me (or for those newly following, begin and continue) on my journey through life.  It's not always rainbows and sunshine, but as Gary Allan so kindly reminds me: every storm runs out of rain.  

Life is so much more than the shortcomings and hardships.  It's about finding the silver lining during those times.  But it also allows us to vent during those not-so-great moments, and it also gives us blogspace to allow such venting ;).  So, I'm not promising that every post will be uplifting and positive, because I know that's not true.  I will have tough days, just like everyone else.  I will still be myself and that's really all I can promise you! :)  
So, sit back, grab a glass of wine if you please (or a can of beer, to each their own!) and stay a while as I venture down the staggered path of life and leave my own faithful footprints.  ♥
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Jana said...

How exciting! I'm glad blogging has become something so wonderful for you. It's very dear to me and I love seeing people find something wonderful for themselves in the blog world.

Let me know if you ever need help with anything! Blogging is an adventure that is much more fun with friends and people to bounce ideas off of. :)

Rachel Silski said...

Love the look of blog! it looks great!

~Glory~ said...

Love the new title... Like Jana said this is an adventure and is better if we are not alone!


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