Carnival Craze

I participated in my first ever Cara Box exchange this month, sponsored by Kaitlyn at Wifessionals!
cara (car-rah) noun : beloved friend
The Cara Box Exchange is a monthly box swap with other women.  You can be a blogger or not, but you sign up over on Kaitlyn's blog - I highly recommend it!  You are then paired with two women, one that sends a box of goodies to you and one that you send a box of goodies to.  Over the course of the month, you pretty much stalk these two women in an attempt to really get to know them.  Well, you email them, too, of course ;).  This month, I was paired with two very amazing women: Brittany at Everyday Thoughts and Joanna at River City Essentials.   I sent a box to Brittany, which you can check out here, and Joanna sent a box to me! 
Each month has a theme, and June's was 'Take Me to the Fair!'
She went with a carnival theme after learning that I'm a sucker for date nights with my hubby!  
She learned fairly quickly that I love pink!  I hope it wasn't 'too' obvious! :)  Another part of the Cara Box is that you include an encouraging letter to the woman you're sending too - who doesn't love getting a box of goodies in the mail AND some encouragement from fellow women/bloggers?!  No brainer there! 
Joanna included so many goodies!  She even thought of Ace, our sweet puppy! 
Included were:
//Crystal Light lemonade
//super cute pink & white polka dot napkins
//ping pong balls and cups for a balltoss 
//glitter pink nail polish & lipstick from pure romance
//animal crackers
//caramel corn popped chips
//elephant dog toy for Ace 
//supplies for a kissing booth
I loved all of it! Thanks, Joanna!  Ace seriously is obsessed with his elephant - it's become his favorite toy and he drags it around everywhere he goes!  (if you follow me on Instagram {@brileigh12}, you've already seen a pretty funny video of him and his new friend) My husband also thanks you for the animal crackers - if only you could've seen his face, haha!  It was priceless!  We also plan to have some fun with the kissing booth soon, so stay tuned for that date night!  
I've loved being a part of the Cara Box exchange and I will definitely participate again in the future!  I've met two great ladies and I look forward to following their journey and continue learning more about them. :)  
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Brittany F said...

What a great Cara Box!!! Such a thoughtful and sweet box of goodies for a great women. This was such a positive experience and I'm so grateful to have shared part of it with you.

Bekah @ re·solve said...

the kissing booth is too cute!

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