Fabulous Friday: It's Been a Great Week!

I've honestly had a pretty fabulous week! Thank God! I admit that I was a bit nervous when Monday rolled around, especially after such a long Thanksgiving holiday weekend! But, the week flew by fairly quickly and was pretty awesome, even in the midst of some not so awesome news. So, we’ll just start with that, shall we?

My dear, sweet husband has walking pneumonia. Yuck! He’s been fighting bronchitis for the past few weeks {almost a month}, and now it’s turned into full blown pneumonia. L However, he is now fully stocked and owns his own pharmacy {we joke} – several maximum strength antibiotics, a nasal spray that he must use religiously, and an inhaler that will be his BFF for the next two months! Praying that this all will kick it in the butt and he’ll be back to his happy, goofy self in no time! God willing…

And now, on to the greatness that was this week:

+ THIS WEATHER! Is it really shocking that I’m in love with the current 30 degree temps?! No, no it’s not.

+ My super new and fresh blog design! Seriously, I’m so in love with it! I know I only redid it 9 months ago, but I wanted something professional and have been thinking of doing so for a while now. Well, when Jana's BLACK FRIDAY sale ad went up, I was hooked! I saw it on Monday, filled out the questionnaire, emailed her back and forth all week long, and ta-da! Blog design by Friday! She’s seriously fast and seriously awesome! Seriously! Check out her design site and let her make you a masterpiece! Click here for her design site. This is the color inspiration I chose, and she ran with it:

flower hues

She did such a great job, and I truly enjoyed working with her! She was so quick to respond to each and every email, and she had the design up and running within a week, y’all! That’s even with a toddler running around… super impressive, Jana!  

Here’s what my blog looked like previously, just to have it out there:

I absolutely love the change – thanks Jana! She captured what I wanted perfectly and I’m so excited that this is my little corner of the Internet! We have a few glitches to work out, but I know when everything is all said and done, it'll be nothing short of greatness. :) 

Here's to a weekend full of cleaning, taking care of my sick hunny, and loving on my new design! 


Raewyn @ Be A Warrior Queen said...

I love your new blog design!!!!

It looks like you had an awesome week! I hope your hubby feels better! I bet the weather is not helping. Whrn I lived in the snow I got the dame thing (and the flu at the same time)

Haley said...

OMG! Your blog design is so refreshing! This makes it look sooo professional. Oh man!! I can't wait for mine to be done... My blog designer has me on a wait list.. and I'm so looking forward to the new look!! This seriously looks so so so good Brianna!

Chelsea Phelps said...

I'm loving your new blog design! The footprints look perfect!


Elizabeth said...

love the new look!

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