Prayers, please!

I'm a huge fan of prayer. Seriously, I pray 346,594,439,103,049,664,258,376 times a day! Or so it seems... 

I love praying. It brings a sense of peace and hopefulness, and it's a weight being lifted off of my shoulders each and every time. I know that I do not have to walk this life journey on my own. God's got me. And when I'm in a particular situation in which I'm frustrated about or worried about, I know that I can turn to God and immediately feel a sense of peace wash over my entire body. It's amazing! 

All too often we turn to prayer as an outlet of frustration and anger - and that's fine! God can take it, believe me! When tragedy strikes, we question God. We don't know which way is up, and we don't know why God allowed for such a thing to happen. Why didn't he stop it? Why didn't he heal our loved one? Why? I wrote about that here. Turn to prayer. 

However, we should also pray in times of happiness and joy! Thank God for all that he has blessed your life with. Did you get to spend an extra hour sleeping? Thank God! Did you ace that final exam? Thank God! Did you travel safely to visit with family and friends for the holidays? Hallelujah! Thank God! Prayer does not only have to be filled with grief, hatred, confusion, or anger - it can be filled with love, patience, happiness, and hope. Be overly grateful and pray to God for all that you are thankful for. Pray that you know whatever happens, in His time, is His will, not yours. {a great and powerful post on that by Chelsea over at Anchors Aweigh yesterday, as her and her husband face the unknown in the military}

Sometimes, though, we forget to pray. We forget that God is at the center of it all and that we must put our faith in Him and His timing. We forget. Seriously?! It breaks my heart when I feel so completely overwhelmed by a situation that I feel I cannot breathe. Hello, Bri?! God's got you! And it's true. But we most often forget His presence in our times of joy. We happily go on with our lives in full complacency - but guess who made that happen? Yep, you guessed it. God. Pray to Him and thank Him. 

I constantly and continuously accept prayer requests. And I mean that! I take time out of my day {every single day} to pray for those in need. If you are in need of extra prayers, please don't hesitate for a single second! Let me know! Reach out to me in any way you feel comfortable {several means of communication here} and send me your prayer requests. You can be as vague or specific as you want, God knows what you're going through. 

With that being said, I'm sending up some serious prayers that my sweet husband feels better soon! It's nothing serious {God-willing}, but he's been fighting something fierce for the past few weeks and he just can't get rid of it. He's miserable, and I don't know how else to help him. Everything the doctors have given him seem to make things better for a few days, but then his breathing is labored again and the fever comes back. He's off to the doctor again today, so hopefully they'll have more answers! It breaks my heart to see him feeling so under the weather, and I pray that his spirits are lifted and that he feels better soon! If praying is your thing, please pray for better health to come his way! I seriously thank you in advance. :) 

Can I pray for you today? 
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Karla said...

Oh how I love this. I too loved Chelsea's post from yesterday. It was so refreshing to read. I am keeping Colten in my prayers. I hope whatever he has can be treated so that it goes away soon! Being sick is never fun.

With the anniversary of 12/14 coming up, I wouldn't mind having you pray for the people in my hometown as these next couple of days will be difficult for us.

Love ya =)

Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

I have been going through some stuff lately, my husbands truck just got stolen the other day, it's something he has worked SO hard for and it breaks he's been super upset about it. :(

Thanks for reminding me to pray today! Sometimes you forget how important it is to step back and look at the big picture.

Patty said...

So true, right on girl! Prayers definitely for your health...for me, my husband is waiting to hear back if he got a job by the beginning of next week.

Jen said...

What a neat post! I'm lifting up your husband in prayer! May he his healing and recovery be swift and complete!

Haley said...

I'm not a big pray-er. I don't go to church. I DO believe in God and I think that's what really matters. Although this was a nice reminder that it IS good to say "Hey God- thanks" every once in awhile.. Especially since we seem to turn to Him when we NEED something. So thanks for the reminder. And I just said a quick "Thanks Big Guy! to the Lord above for my life and all that I love within it."

Teressa Mackey said...

Praying for your man. I hope all is well and he gets better soon!

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