An {Amazing} Night to Remember!

After a rough week last week, I'm happy to announce that Friday night was exactly what I needed! And it all started with a text... 

That's what my husband texted to my sister. Hilarious! Y'all, this man melts my heart! I never get tired of the silly, amazing randomness that comes from him...ever! Needless to say, we went out that night! 

I drove to my sister's place and selected her outfit for the evening, and then we accessorized. That in itself was therapeutic! :) As I drove home, I kept a lookout for restaurants that wouldn't be far from the house to head to - we were tired of the same old places: Olive Garden, Chili's, etc. That's when I saw it: the Brick House Tavern & Tap. Hilary looked up the menu online and she had me at 'Drunken Chops'! Colten okay'd the restaurant, and we were off! 

We were already having a blast and the night had only just begun! Some time with a few of my favorite people started the process of getting me out of the funk I had been in all week long! Thanks y'all! :) 

When we walked into the restaurant, we were asked if 'one of their couches was okay'. Umm, excuse me? A couch?! YES PLEASE! 

Y'all, never in my life had I even fathomed a place like this - it was AMAZING, for lack of a better word! Then it was time to order drinks. And yes, that picture above includes their huge drink menu...anything you can think of, they have it! Hilary ordered the margarita, Colten ordered the Zombie (with a two-drink limit), and I wanted a glass of wine. The waiter then asked if I was only going to have one glass ... umm, I don't know? He proceeded to explain that it would be cheaper to purchase the bottle than another glass, and they cork the wine and let you take it home if you don't finish it. Yes, please! 

That moscato was amazing. Yes, I know I probably need a thesaurus for this post, because everything seems to be amazing - it just was!!! AMAZING!!! And apparently it's pretty hilarious that the designated driver (me) continued to order a bottle of wine and drink half of it with dinner. Oops! :) Don't worry, I didn't drive home...

Colten wanted to try the fried stuffed olives (parmesan panko breaded, stuffed with italian pork sausage & brie cheese), which were apparently disgusting. We won't be ordering them again (I was smart enough not to try one...). Then was their menu. Oh My Goodness, their menu. They have a little bit of everything! BBQ baby backs, chicken fried steak, seared halibut, chicken & waffles, grilled mahi mahi, steak & shrooms, oven roasted chicken, atlantic salmon, prosciutto wrapped meatloaf, steak & eggs, drunken chops, classic meatballs, brick pizza, crispy center-cut pork sandwich, greek lamb burger, beefed up steak salad ... the list goes on and on! Seriously! 

I ordered the bbq baby backs (half rack of baby back pork ribs, slow cooked, glazed with whiskey bbq sauce & a side of fries) but substituted the fries for their cheddar mashed potatoes, Hilary ordered the drunken chops (two house brined center cut pork chops, whiskey bbq glaze, topped with onion strings & served with cheddar mashed potatoes), and Colten wanted the seared halibut (seared halibut finished with lemon thyme butter, over fresh haricot verts & russet thyme sweet potato hash). It was all AMAZING! Every single bite was finished and there were no take-home plates that night! We rounded out our evening with dessert: magic brownies for me and Hilary (walnut brownies topped with bluebell vanilla ice cream) and a bourbon cake with bluebell vanilla ice cream for Colten. Yum, yum! 

This was our view for the evening ... yes, that's a real fire! So....AMAZING! The entire night was just amazing! I am so unbelievably thankful for an amazing husband and sister to spend quality time enjoying a night out at a new place! We will definitely be going back to the Brick House ... time and time again I'm sure. We laughed so much and just really enjoyed each other's company. I couldn't have asked for a better night! 


Karla said...

Oh my gawwwd!! That whole entire experience sounds so amazing. And really delicious too. My mouth is watering! Ahh! And a couch?? Heck yes!

Haley said...

Your descriptions of those meals had my mouth watering. I would have soooo gone for the ribs too.. both kinds or your sister's and yours! I love sister time and it is funny that getting ready together can just be exactly what you needed. I always loved the 'getting ready' part the best. Glad you had a good time!!!

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