Winter Cara Box

Once again, I participated in the Cara Box exchange, hosted by Kaitlyn of Wifessionals. Things changed again for this exchange, as it is now hosted primarily through Instagram. Some people love the changes, and some don't. I have to admit that I was more on the 'not so much loving this IG Cara Box exchange thing', but I saw it through for this time around. 

Cara Box

My partners were Nicole and Kaysey, two of the most loving women I've met thus far! 

I sent a box to Nicole, whom sadly does not have a blog yet. Key word: yet! ;) I have high hopes that one day she will begin that journey, but until then, take it from me - she's the greatest! She and her husband have a heart for the Lord and a passion for serving others. I'm telling you, this woman is involved in so much! And it all involves her 'giving'. She's truly inspirational, and I've really loved getting to know her! Thank you, Nicole, for being a great Cara Box partner! 

I received a box from Kaysey from Thinking Out Cloud. This momma has a lot goin' on! She has two precious boys and captures her love for them on her blog - so fun. Take a few minutes and go check her out! I've absolutely loved getting to know her over the past few months, and as hectic as the holidays were, she still took the time to respond to my emails and check out my blog! She was so supportive with some personal things I had going on, and I'm truly thankful for her! 

I think I can also say that my love of all things pink definitely came through while we were getting to know each other... 

LOVE that tissue paper! She definitely spoiled me and went above and beyond! Every single thing I unwrapped just had me so thankful. She captured me to a T, and I know she put in a lot of effort to find things I would truly enjoy! 
That lotion smells amazing! Kaysey said it was her favorite, and it was pink and reminded her of me, so she added it. I love it! I literally put it on as soon as I unwrapped it. My mother in law also mentioned how good it smelled and wanted to know what it was called. This stuff seriously smells amazing. The candle also smells divine! Vanilla snowflake?! Yes, please! Especially down in South Texas, where the weather does {on occasion} get cold but no snow. Ever. I'm definitely all over that candle and love it like a fat kid loves cake! :) 

The notepad is great! I'm a list maker, so I'm always excited to have more notepads to fill with my infamous lists. My husband might not have shared my excitement, but oh well :). It's also magnetic, so on the fridge it goes! And that cross?! Let me just tell you about that cross. Uh-Maz-Ing! She mentioned in her note that she knows it's not pink, but this cross is one of her favorites and added it to the mix. Little does she know {she might...I forget what all I tell people about myself} that I have not one, but two cross walls in our apartment, and our decor is 'country', meaning mostly neutrals and browns with a TURQUOISE accent color! This baby matches perfectly! It may or may not already be hanging up ;). 

That scarf is to die for. I recently have had an obsession with all things scarves and she played right into that! It's unbelievably soft and is shades of pink to yellow ... gorg! It's also pretty lightweight, which is great because I just can't do big, bulky, wooly scarves - this is TEXAS! 

And, the best for last - that luggage tag. Want a closer look? Why, I'd love to oblige. It's worth it! 

First of all, it's pink. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! It also has Scripture on it... 

"With God all things are possible." - Matthew 19:26 

We have a trip coming up, which Kaysey knew, and she knew I'd get a lot of use out of this! I seriously love it so much! We're not big travelers, mostly because we can't afford to be right now, but I now have my first ever luggage tag, and it holds a lot of special meaning to me! 

Basically, Kaysey rocked my world with every single thing she added to my box. She really captured ME, which I guess isn't too difficult - if it's pink and it smells good, you're safe :). But she went above and beyond with things that she knew held significance to me and that I would actually get use out of.  Thank you, Kaysey! Best.CaraBox.Partner.Ever. :) 


Kaysey said...

So glad you liked it! Sorry I was a couple of days late getting it out :(

Night Owl said...

awesome gift and that's a great quote. I love it.

Haley said...

Aww this is so nice to see. I love these exchanges and I don't think you've ever really been disappointed..!

Falen @ Upward Not Inward said...

That luggage tag!!! And all that pink tissue paper. Your box looked so pretty packed! haha. And what great gifts too! That cross would look good in my house too. hehe. Vanilla snowflake? Never heard of it but sounds like it smells delish! :)

New follower from the linkup. Pleasure to meet you.

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