Holy Weekend, Batman!

I am on cloud nine. No, really, I am! And yes, it's Monday :). 

I had an amazing weekend, and I only have to work one job this week {plus earn overtime}! And...it's Valentine's Day this week! What could be better, really? 

Colten's mom came down to visit for the weekend and arrived on Friday night. Saturday, we started the morning with a trip to AT&T. Colten has been looking into their next program, and we went for more information. He has been in dire need of a new phone, as his was on the fritz and needed to be put out of its misery! So, we headed in, and little did we know that we'd be spending three hours there! 

When the employee calculated our plan to upgrade Colten's phone on the next program, we would actually be saving money on our monthly bill. Umm, yes please! The phone plan is calculated differently, as there's not an actual contract, and we had to change our data plan. Before, Colten was grandfathered into the unlimited data plan {which he never let me forget by the way...thanks babe!}. Upgrading with the next program, he would lose that option, which meant we had to go to a shared data plan instead of paying for both of ours separately. Anyway, after a lot of phone jargon and calculations, we were set on Colten's new phone - the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. That's right, he left the iPhone family

Okay, let me stop for a moment to just say how amazing the guy that was helping us really was. Seriously. He took his time {obviously, we were there for 3 hours}, but he answered every single one of our questions and recalculated everything several times to make sure the charges were right and that we were getting the best deal possible. Colten got $50 back for his old phone, which went to the cost of the taxes we'd have to pay that day. Other than that, we wouldn't have to pay for any of the phone right then. It would be added in to our monthly bill, which ultimately came out cheaper than what we had been paying - have I said that already? Oops. But it's important, here! :) 

The employee also asked if Colten still worked for HEB - umm, yes! To receive the discount on our monthly bill, he needed a pay stub. So, off Colten went back home to print out a pay stub, since we were just down the street. While he was gone, the guy accidentally put the upgrade on my line instead of Colten's. Womp womp. Or was it? 

He then calculated what our monthly plan would be if we both upgraded on the next program, and lo and behold, it would be $2 more expensive on our monthly bill, but still cheaper than what we have been paying month after month. So, long story short, I upgraded as well. But, seeing as I had no intentions of doing so until next month when my 2 year contract was up, I didn't know exactly what phone I wanted. And, playing with Colten's new one, the Android was somewhat appealing. Ultimately, I also left the iPhone family and bought the LG G Flex

There was also a promotion going on {of course...}: if you bought the Jawbone Jambox which usually valued at $199 {umm, no thanks} for $150 {still, no thanks}, you got a phone case & a car charger absolutely free {say what?!}. So, on Colten's upgrade, he got a free otterbox case for his phone AND a car charger, and we paid for the Jambox...pretty good deal! But wait, it gets better! Since I was also upgrading, he ran my phone, and I got $110 back for it! So, when it was all said and done {we only did the jambox promotion once, as we didn't want or need two of them...}, we paid $118 for two new phones, a jambox, and a car charger - a total value of $1698. Score! There was also an incentive to pay an additional $5 per month {I think} for the 10GB shared data plan. Now, let's think about this: 10GB for two people and our monthly bill would STILL BE CHEAPER THAN WE HAVE BEEN PAYING?! No.brainer. :) 

When we were done, the guy ran Colten's mom's plan to see what it would be if she were to upgrade using the next program, and no surprise here, she would end up saving money on her monthly bill as well! She also got the LG G Flex phone, and we said goodbye to our iPhones. All three of us! Needless to say, we put that guy through the ringer, and we all saved money! We also had to learn how to use our new phones, as we had never owned an Android before... Colten's mom did the same deal for the jambox, but the guy {I told you, he was awesome} gave her two cases for free, which meant I was also able to get a free phone case instead of forking out the $40! 

Upon leaving AT&T {finally}, we picked up lunch and took it to my sister at work, as promised! We may or may not have been a little super late...sorry Hil! But, it all worked out fine, and she was pretty entertained for her lunch break! We also got to see where she worked at the hospital, so that was pretty cool! And, it's always good to see my sister, so it was just a win win all the way around! She was also giving us Android lessons, haha! 

first selfie!
We had some other errands to run and some more shopping to do, and we finally made it home around 8:00pm or so. We pretty much spent that night playing with our new phones! There's so much to customize in so little time ;). Then, it was late and we had the munchies - so it only made sense for a late night Wal-Mart run! We bought some junk food and settled in for the night. Seriously perfect. I was in much need of a laid back, relaxing, fun weekend, and this was just what the doctor ordered! 

Sunday, we went back to the AT&T store because Colten's charger wasn't charging his phone, and his mom's voicemail wasn't accessible. Those two fixes were super quick, and hopefully we won't be bothering that poor guy anymore! He was seriously great, though! Then, Colten headed off to work and I began on the grocery list and menu for the week. His mom came with me and we went grocery shopping, and then she headed out for her trek home. I settled in for the remainder of the night, played with my phone, and watched some t.v. :) 

Sure, I didn't get as much done around the house as I wanted, but that's okay. I also didn't get as much reading done as I had anticipated for the weekend. But it was so good to not worry about any of that and to just enjoy some quality time with my man and his mom. It doesn't happen too often, so we really just enjoyed the moment and didn't worry about anything else. 

Holy Weekend, Batman! Such a fun & exciting, relaxing weekend with my husband and his mom. :) 
How was your weekend?


Karla said...

Wow! What great deals! Scott & I left iPhone too. We have androids now as well! We love them! =)

Lovinggg your selfie!!! Glad it was a nice weekend! =D

Haley said...

What a weekend! It's nice to get along with your MIL..! Grape pop!! It's been so long since I've had it.. but it's one of my favs!

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