Perusing Facebook (I know, I know...), I came across a friend's post she shared of her husband's blog  today focusing on Advent.  This completely merges with my recent studies during this Advent season, preparing my heart, mind, and spirit to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Please take the time to be inspired by The Good Rev. Mack's look into Advent.  It's most definitely an inspiration!

And today's prayer:

Jesus, you are the good Shepherd, caring for me and giving me rest, correcting me when I stray, tending my wounds and protecting me from my enemies.  I confess that I am weak-willed and prone to wander.  Yet you never give up on me.  You refuse to abandon me - even when I have brought calamity upon myself. 

Teach me the joy of surrender and the blessings of obedience.  Help me to willingly submit to your lordship in every area of my life, to obey your teachings.  Guide me in doing the work you have set out for me to do.  I love you.  My hope is in you, my trust is in you.  May I learn to discern your voice so that I may live in obedience to your will right up to the day of your glorious return.  In your name I pray.  Amen.

Have a blessed day!

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