Newtown, Connecticut Shooting

Today is another sad day in American history, for lack of a better word. are a few more: senseless, stupid, disaster, selfishness, tragedy, devastation, horrific, terrifying, unnecessary. Need I continue?

And I thought I was having a rough day this morning. Little did anyone know that 26 lives would be taken, 20 of them children under the age of 10, by a monster. For the 13th time this year, a crazed human being has successfully ruined the lives of many families.  View the detailed list here.

This morning, a 20-year-old boy took it upon himself to murder 27 people. Of those, 20 were innocent, naive children who will not be celebrating Christmas with their families. As one young man put it, "Hey you. You. The Ones that left us today. The ones that experienced the worst that humanity can do. You little angels who closed your eyes in a living Hell this morning. I'm so, so very sorry that this world didn't give you a chance. Even though you didn't even have a chance to realize how big the world is, today, the sad end of your lives affected MILLIONS of people. It's probably of little comfort to you at all, but tonight in America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia...everywhere...mommies are holding their kids a little tighter and a little longer. Daddies are listening to their kids and showing them more love. You twenty little souls were set free this morning, and there is nothing good that can be said about that. But because you left, and the way you were taken, millions of kids still here on earth tonight will be shown more love than any other ordinary Friday night. Your short and precious lives had a value and a purpose. Godspeed."

Couldn't have said it better myself. These families have been affected to the bone, to their very core. These families (of all the victims) will never have another traditional and joyous holiday season. These families will be reminded every year at this time of what was ripped from their lives - their loved ones. I pray with all that I am, that the loved ones of the departed are touched by God's healing hand and know that the victims are now at peace in His presence. I pray for their heartache to be lessened to allow them to breathe and to focus on rebuilding their new lives. I pray for humanity - that those who are filled with hatred and the need to place torture upon others will be placed in the path of righteousness and not harm innocent individuals. I pray that, as a nation, we support those affected this year by such tragedies. I pray for healing. I pray for guidance. I pray for God to be implemented back into our society. I pray.

None of what has happened makes sense. It almost doesn't seem real. Is this actually happening?! Yes. It is. Sadly, it is impossible to feel safe anywhere anymore, not even the movie theater or an elementary school. Sadly, there are sick individuals who seek attention and to cause pain and suffering. Sadly, it's not quite as shocking, each time a mass shooting occurs.

And really?! Small children?! I'm angry. I'm angry that the shooter was willing to take his own life and harm so many innocent human beings. I'm angry that this is becoming a norm in our society. And I'm scared. I'm scared for our future as a nation. This definitely draws my heart and soul closer and closer to God. For with Him and through Him, all things are possible. Even the healing process for those whose lives will forever be tainted with the bloodshed of their loved ones. It's possible. My heart is broken tonight, but let the healing begin. As long as it may take.

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