Frustrated Blogger? R.I.G.H.T. H.E.R.E.

So, I've come to really love blogging...I mean REALLY love it!  I really don't know who all reads it, if anyone at all, but I really LOVE it!  I love having a place to go to get my feelings and thoughts out there - and I don't have to kill my hands by writing it physically in a journal, and my family and friends have a place to check out what's going on in my life - I really do have sympathy for any future children we may have, as their every cute and silly face and action will be broadcast to the blogging world.  I also have come to learn that I have a way with words - sometimes.  Sometimes, I'm very boring and have nothing interesting or awesome to say or put out there.  But sometimes, I can be pretty clever!  Or interesting at least!  Or, well, I don't know.  I'm just 'me' and that's all I know how to be! 

But with that said, I'm kind of frustrated today.  I follow a few bloggers who have just BLOSSOMED!  I mean, they've met so many cool blogger people and they follow each other and text and have really become friends - and I've seen the whole 'cara box' thing, and I'm totally jealous!  And I just have one word: HOW?!  How do you connect with that many people that you've never known before?  How do you use your BLOG to do that?  Maybe that is just out of my league and I'm just stuck in the dinosaur ages of blogging.  I don't know!  But I'd like to break out of my shell and really connect with other women that are serious about their faith and love to be crazy and random, just like I do!  But I really don't know how to go about that ... how to even start!  Maybe it should be when I have a few hours on my hands to search about it and see what blogger has to offer - more than I use it for now.  I know there are people out there, just your typical woman with internet friends and crafty ideas and husbands and cute children and life problems and wants and needs just like me, right?  I hope so!  I'm determined to *attempt* to figure it out and see where it takes me! 

So, here are my questions to begin this journey, in case any super awesome blossomed bloggers stumble upon this post and read it (and if you're one of those people, please, please, PLEASE help me!):
  • Is there a certain feature that I'm just unaware of? 

  • Does it have anything to do with 'Google+'?  Because if so, I really need help with that too!  I haven't really had a reason to look into it, so I haven't, obviously. 

  • Was it hard for you to do?  I mean, I know it can't just happen overnight, but it seems like there just has to be more people out there like myself who love doing this and want to connect, just like I do!  But how?! 

  • Where do you even START?! 

  • And once you start, how do you keep it going?!  Well, at first anyway.  I can only imagine that over time, you really do create friendships that you keep up with, but isn't there a certain *awkward* stage to get through? 

  • At what point can you really tell if the blogger you're following and trying to get to know is a burn-out blogger that really doesn't want or care for the attention/friendship like you do?

  • If I ever figure it out and get it started, I plan to just be honest and kind of stalk people (but not in the super-intense creeper sort of way of course) and learn about them.  But how far is 'too far' in your opinion? 

  • Are there any tips or tricks that I'm not asking here that may be good to know? 

  • Do I have to pay to get the whole 'look' of today's modern blog to accomplish what I'm seeking?  Or can I stick with my old-fashioned free templates? 

  • Are you laughing your butt off at me right now because I seem super desperate and you think I need to just give up right now and move on with my life?  It may be true *okay,'s true*.  But I really want to at least see where this takes me...if anywhere. 

Please bear with me and HELP!  Any, and I mean any, help is greatly appreciated! I'm really serious about getting into this and seeing where it takes me.  Have I mentioned that already?  Oops!  Oh well.  It's true, anyway.  I'm serious.  Seriously.  (I think I watch way too much Grey's Anatomy...seriously.) 

So, there you have it!  I'm a frustrated blogger that doesn't know how to break out of my shell.  Maybe that applies to more than just my blogging life.  Hmm... I think this post just got a lot deeper than I anticipated.  Look out!  Moment of self-awareness and lack of spreading my wings coming on here... .... .... ... aaaaannnddd, it's gone.  I'm just a ...



Jess said...

Hey girl! I saw you followed me and I WOULD love to connect with you and give you some tips. Email me.. It's
Jess @ Jmnway

Nicole | Pharr Away said...

Hey, lady! I'm an open book, let's chat!!!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

girl, I feel the same way sometimes! People always say they've made best friends through blogging. I feel like I've made like hand-shake/smile and wave friends but not the hug/happy to see you friends...if that made any sense. I think it comes down to talking more in friendship manner through email correspondence...and I know some use Google chat.

Brianna said...

I totally agree! I've gotten to know you more in just the few emails back and forth so far! Can't wait to learn more :)

mitou said...

j'habite pres de charleroi il y a t il une qui aimerai me sucer ce soir

mitou said...

envie d'etre sucé

Caravan Sonnet said...

This was a really interesting post! Since I am new to bloggyworld I am just learning all of these ins and outs! It is wonderful how connected that you can become with other bloggers! Excited to learn some of these answers myself! :)
Rebecca :)

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