The {Little Things}

I absolutely cherish every opportunity that I get to travel back home and spend some quality time with my family. However, I always make a point to take a few moments for myself - to truly be alone and take in the peace and calmness that is the country. Picture this:
Rolling hills of open land. Windmill. Windchimes. Cows roaming. Birds chirping. Wind blowing through the trees. Hammock swaying in the breeze. Crisp air. Clear, blue skies. Sun shining. Woods off to the side, trees everywhere.

This is my morning. I'm sitting on the back porch of my parents' house and this is their view. How glorious!

So, now that you have that image in mind, I'm lounging on their super comfortable outdoor furniture and reading The Resolution for Women. More about that journey to come at a later date. Anywho, as I'm deep in learning about God's want for us to be purposefully feminine, I hear a noise coming from the side of the house. I look over, as it could very easily be my mom or dad, and I see a rabbit scurrying by. It runs right in front of me and off to the opposite side of the house by the garage. Pretty neat. Nature at its finest! But then, I hear an even louder rustling noise from where the first one originated. This time when I look over, I see a wolf, yes, a WOLF, standing less than 20 yards away! It's definitely looking for that rabbit. I sit completely still, in awe of the simple acts that are happening literally right in front of me. The wolf trots across the grass right in front of the back porch (at this point, it's about 5 yards away), sniffing out its prey! It makes its way further to the back of the property, and I watch as it disappears into the woods. This very simple act was so amazing to watch. It was such a little thing and was over in literally less than 2 minutes. And it really opened my eyes to my life.

It's the little things that we need to be aware of and thankful for. It's the little things, such as a good morning hug or a random text message during the day, that puts a smile on my face and makes my heart soar! It's the little things, like visiting with my family, seeing a smile on my Grandpa's face, watching a movie while wrapped up in my husband's arms, or enjoying the simplicity of nature, that reminds me of what is truly important. I don't need to take extravagant trips across the world. I don't have to be filthy rich. I don't need to be the center of attention. I don't need any of these things to be completely happy and feel complete. God intended me to be exactly where I am in my life. Today's experience reminded me to take time out of my busy life to reflect on what is important. It also reminded me to cherish the little things, no matter how small. The little things matter the most to me, and that's what is important. I'm happy. And it's because of the little things that happen every single day!  And God saw that it was good.

What are the little things that matter most to you?

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