The {first} Newlywed Game

Linking up with Karla over at Forever Newly Wedded, as a new follower, for some Friday fun :). 

The 1st 10 Questions

1. What is the worst thing that happened on your wedding day, if anything?

Bri: Several things 'happened' that I would have liked not to have (read about them ALL here), but the worst was probably that one of our groomsmen's vests wasn't the right color, which left him the odd man out.  Nothing super drastic, but it was very difficult to not have my grandma there, who passed away tragically just 5 days prior. 

Colten: Nothing. 

2. Who is the better driver?

Bri: Definitely me!  He loves the gas pedal, then the brake, then the gas pedal ... you get the picture.

Colten: Me, duh!

3. If someone had to play your spouse in a movie, who would it be?

Bri: Luke Bryan please :)

Colten: Her mom because they're so much alike.

4. What your spouse's favorite comfort food?

Bri: Totino's pizzas haha

Colten: Chocolate, duh!

5. Which one of you hogs all the covers in bed?

Bri: It varies... a few times it'll be me, then it'll be him.  I guess we share the blame on this one!

Colten: She does.

6. The saying “opposites attract" must be true because

my spouse and I couldn’t be any more different when it comes to _________?

Bri: TV shows we watch.  I like ones such as Grey's Anatomy, Parenthood, Pretty Little Liars, etc.  He goes for Moonshiners, Amish Mafia, and The Walking Dead.  We are also very different with movies - typical guy, he likes action, horror, and the really-stupid-so-it's-kind-of-funny movies, whereas, typical girl, I go for the romantic comedies mostly :).

Colten: What we like to do for fun. I play video games and she reads.

7. If your spouse won $5000, what would they spend it on?

Bri: He'd use it to pay off some of our debt, or for a car downpayment.

Colten: Student loans.

8. If your spouse could be married to any famous person, which would it be and why?

Bri: I honestly have no idea!  I guess I'm going to have to find out! He's not really one to follow all of that stuff, but I'm going to learn something new on this one ;).

Colten: Probably Luke Bryan because she thinks he's hot! 

9. Who controls the remote??

Bri: Most often, it's me. 

Colten: We both do, really.

10. If your spouse was a superhero, what would their "super power" be?

Bri: To fly! (totally guessing here)

Colten: The ability to read every book at one time. 

My husband is a man of few words, obviously.  But this was so fun! 


Martina said...

I would've loved to play this game! I loved you alls answers:-)

I have nominated you for a liebster award!

Brianna said...

Feel free to link-up and join in! Tomorrow is day #2, and the questions are already posted on Ms. Karla's site! I'd love to see y'alls answers ;).

Thanks so much on the nomination! I will definitely be posting about that TODAY! :) I'm pumped!

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