The Bachelor: {Week 3}

Last night was the third week for Sean Lowe to experience life as 'The Bachelor'.  Actually, it was the third week for viewers to see what life was like for Sean Lowe as The Bachelor (to be politically correct).  And it was another great episode! 

Lesley M. (as the Bachelor world knows her) had the first one-on-one date.  She seems to be a very outgoing girl and looking for a husband.  And her connection and chemistry with Sean is undeniable!  Those two are so comfortable with each other, as Sean tells her, "It feels like I've known you all of my life."  And it definitely shows!  However, I did feel a little sad for Lesley when he took her to the middle of Hollywood - to the Guiness Hall of World Records!  Hmm...great 'date'.  But that was only before it was revealed that she would be kissing Sean to attempt to break the world record of longest on-screen kiss!  The record was held at 3 minutes and 15 seconds - umm, that's a LLLOOOONNNNGGG kiss!  So, Chris Harrison was there (of course), the Guiness guy - to be sure it was legitimate and their lips did not break apart for even a second, a roaring crowd, and the clock to count just how long they'd be tongue-twisting.  They were definitely great sports about it!  And Lesley got to make-out with Sean for over three minutes!  The beginning was terribly awkward, as they were both uneasy about kissing for a long period of time in front of such a large crowd.  At about 2 minutes, they started giggling and really tried to keep their lips together (at this point, it was pretty funny and very entertaining).  But about thirty seconds into that second minute, things heated up!  The kiss became very passionate, and both Lesley and Sean forgot about the rest of the world and were very into each other, as well they should have been!  Even as everyone cheered once they broke the record, they didn't release each other from the death-gripped lip-lock.  They made it last a little bit longer, and then it was official: they held the world record for longest on-screen kiss!  How adorable!  Then, they were atop the Roosevelt Hotel, where they made out a little bit more.  Again, the chemistry between those two is definitely undeniable!  So, there you have it...Lesley was on cloud 9 after receiving a rose from Sean and spending countless minutes (hours?) making out with her hunk of a man candy. 

Then, it was on to the group date, which included:  Kacie B., Robyn, Leslie H., Kristy, Catherine, Desiree, Taryn, Amanda, Lindsay, Daniella, Jackie and TierraAaannddd...they headed to the beach to compete for one-on-one time with Sean.  So, they divided into two teams, and they played beach volleyball.  Both teams were equally terrible - and it was pretty hard to watch!  And, surprise surprise, the winning time (blue team!) won by only 2 points. 

I was rooting for this team the entire time, as it consisted of Kacie B, Jackie, Desiree, Amanda, Lindsay, and Robyn.  I mostly couldn't stand to watch Tierra for another second, and I wanted her to go back to the mansion.  So, the winning group of girls got to spend an evening with Sean back at his house.  "How romantic!" squeals one of the girls.  Umm, newsflash, you're on a date with the man whom you're ooogling over with 12 other women doing the same thing.  Yeah, romantic is what I'd go with too...not!  Anyway, Sean and Lindsay seemed to connect more, as she continues to try to show him her serious and romantic side, instead of just the funny, psycho side that made her show up on day one, out of the limo, wearing a wedding dress!  He seemed to like this new side of Lindsay, as she won a makeout session AND the rose for the group date!  Awww....  But all the while, Kacie B. took action and tattled on Amanda and Desiree - they apparently aren't getting along and the tension is building.  When Sean asked Kacie why she was bringing it to his attention, she really didn't have an answer.  She's an attention-seeker and wanted him to know the 'truth'.  Well, the truth is that Sean wasn't too impressed!  And my truth, yes, there is a tension between Amanda and Des, but it's not out of control or serious enough to really have to bring it to Sean's attention.  Hello?! How old are we??  Yeah, let's move on. Kay? 

AshLee was the lucky lady to receive the second one-on-one this week, and boy was she excited!  However, in reading the date card for this date, Tierra reads..."AshLee." *pause* "And Selma." *astonished faces around the room* "Just kidding...hahahahaha."  Umm...rude?!  Two-on-one dates means someone is going home, which isn't a funny joke to these girls.  Secondly, Tierra got Selma's hopes up that she was getting a date, when in fact, she wasn't to get one at all.  Have I mentioned that I really dislike Tierra?  Anyway, AshLee was all ready for her date (in a mighty awful dress I might add), when there was a loud *thudd* in the house.  Apparently, Tierra fell.  Down the stairs.  Really?!  She took a fall, and Sean was worried she might have had a concussion and had EMS come to take her to be checked.  However, once she was suited up in a neckbrace and laid out on the stretcher to go, she became bratty once again, refused EMS advice, and demanded to be 'left alone'.  I think this takes me back to my teenage years!  Ha.  So, Tierra goes off by the pool to be 'alone' and Sean follows her to check on her.  And he flirts with her all the while, while AshLee is in the mansion waiting for him to take her on their date!  Once again, Tierra steals the spotlight.  Attention-seeker!  

Finally, Sean and AshLee head out for their date and arrive at Six Flags!  Being that this is the Bachelor, the entire park is closed down just for the two of them.  How sweet.  However, Sean has a twist for AshLee!  He brings along two girls that have chronic illnesses, and whom have been best friends online for over a year but have never met!  He surprises everyone on this date: AshLee was unaware of their guests, and Emily and Brianna (the two girls that join their date) were unaware that the other would be there, so they got to meet in person for the first time!  They seemed to really have a great time, and AshLee wasn't upset in the least about having to share her date!  At least, she didn't show it anyway :).  They had a fun time and ended the evening with a private concert by Sean's favorite band, the Eli Young band!  It's good to see a down-home Texas boy enjoying some nice country music.  I was enjoying it anyway.  After the girls left, Sean and AshLee were able to have some serious one-on-one time to get to know each other better.  AshLee had a very heartfelt story to tell Sean - her adoption story!  I admit, it was very sweet and sincere.  She seems to be a very optimistic person, and she doesn't let any negativity bring her down - at least she doesn't show that it does on national television.  She had Sean in tears!  He was so moved by the story of her meeting her adoptive father for the first time that he got all choked up!  So sweet.  They shared a romantic makeout session and finished the night in each other's arms swaying back and forth to EYB.  Ok...I must also note here that while AshLee is sharing such a sentimental story that's close to her heart, they are sitting on a couch right in front of the stage that the EYB is standing on.  Can we just say *awkard*?!  Geez.  Privacy please!  But, AshLee gets the rose and will stay around for a while longer.  Which is fine with me - I'm starting to like her a little more now, but she's not my fave! 

Then, it's cocktail party time!  And these girls broke out their claws!  I have never seen so much Bachelor-stealing in my life!  Okay, I don't watch EVERY season of this show, but still, it was intense!  Sean didn't sit down with one girl for 2 minutes when another girl walked up and swooped him away, only to have Karma strike and have the same done to her!  And poor Des, she stole Sean away from Tierra, and literally had 5 seconds with him on the couch (enough for a smooch!) when Tierra refused to be 'finished with him' and stole him back!  Des told Sean she'd wait for him on the couch for him to come back, to which he agreed and specifically told her he'd return - and he didn't!  He didn't get a chance, as the girls weren't okay with Tierra getting to talk to Sean alone for a second time - someone stole him away, and the plague of man-stealers continued.  It was pretty catty.  But, on to the rose ceremony.  Sean picks up the first rose and says, "Hold on.  Kacie, can I please talk with you?" - to which she obliges.  He takes her outside and says that he has been unable to move her from the friend-zone to a relationship-zone, much to her dismay.  He says he respects her too much to have her go through the rose ceremony only to be left rose-less, and he sends her packing right then and there!  Poor girl didn't even get a limo...haha.  I didn't care much for Kacie B and I'm glad she's gone.  I don't believe she should've been there in the first place, but whatever.  I'm obviously not in charge! :) 

So, the rose ceremony begins (for real this time) and it's no shocker whose name is called first: 'Tierra'.  Ugh.  This is the moment when all of the viewers realize they have to spend another 2 hours watching crazy Tierra-filled drama since Sean's decided to keep her.  Oh well.  It's like watching a car-wreck - you just can't look away.  As those of us in the south would say, 'Bless her heart'.  Sean moves on with the rose ceremony.  The next 9 roses go to: Leslie H., Catherine, Daniella, Robyn, Selma, Sarah, Jackie, Amanda and Desiree.  Poor Des looked genuinely worried, and I admit that I was too!  I thought, "Surely he wouldn't let her go with such a connection that they have."  And he didn't...he just made her wait.  It was a pretty long pause!!  So, Taryn and Kristy were eliminated and said their goodbyes.  Sayonara ladies! 

My favorites after week 3:
1 - Lesley M. 
2 - Desiree

My most-hated after week 3:
1 - Tierra
2 - Tierra

3 - Amanda
*yes, Tierra gets two spots this week! :)*

Now to wait another week to see what happens next! I can't wait...much more drama on the way!


Jana said...

Ugh Tierra. I wanna slap that girl so bad!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

haha ohhh the awful but can't.stop.watching.

Brianna said...

Yes please! She's sooooo needy! I hope he sees it soon...

Brianna said...

I knowwww! I fall into the trap every Monday (sometimes Tuesday) night! *sigh*

Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide said...

Haha I love that you break down the bachelor! I can't wait for next week, I 100% agree with your favs & the "ONE" you don't like. Have a great day!

Brianna said...

Haha. Thanks! :)

And thanks for checking it out! I don't watch every season, but I get sucked in every now and then!

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