Blog {Overhaul}

So much NEW!  
I'm very happy to have a new look to my blog!  
It definitely feels more like 'me', and I hope it's not TOO bright or busy or anything.  BUT, if you have a strong opinion about it (love it, hate it, whatever...), please let me know!  It's still a work in progress, but it's getting there!  

What else is new? I'm so glad you asked!  And if you didn't, here's what's new anyway ;): 
• a lovely new signature for all new posts, beginning with this one
• social media buttons over there to the right: twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, email, and bloglovin''s all there! 
• hovering Pinterest button on all pictures 
• the 'about me' blurb
•  my pictures no longer have the ugly border around it, making all pictures look much, much better, and 
• a new design button! 

Everything is customized by yours truly, and I really feel that I'm getting the knack for this stuff!  And it's true what they say, it can all be done without paying ridiculous just have to have patience!  I'm working on the patience part, but it's been fun creating a look that's all my own!   And again, if you have an opinion or any comments, please share!  I've been hard at work with this lately and would love some feedback.  Thanks in advance!  
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Rachel Silski said...

LOve looks great!

Kalyn Randolph said...

Love the new layout features :)

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