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Wow.  Another weekend has come and gone (almost..I do realize it's still Sunday!).  AND, it's March already!  How did that happen?!  Anyway, with another weekend came great things!  With God, all things are possible ♥.

So, Friday afternoon, Colten and I decided to finally go to Office Depot and buy a new computer chair.  He is taking all online classes this quarter and will be spending an insane amount of time on the computer for the next 12ish weeks.  Also, with my blogging taking off, I want to spend way more time on the computer.  However, doing so on a cheap Wal-Mart chair is difficult.  I couldn't stand to sit on that thing for longer than half an hour!  Seriously.  It was time... 

So, we began our journey, as mentioned above, to Office Depot in search for a new chair.  It was definitely entertaining, to say the least.  I love our lives together!  Colten decided to test-drive a few out...

We found one that we agreed upon, but of course, they didn't have any left in stock.  It was also 50% off, so that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day.  We didn't let it ruin our day, and we searched at another store that was closest to us.  Luckily, they had one in stock!  We purchased our new chair and couldn't help but take a look at the desks that were right next to the chairs.  We were still using my very first desk that I had ever bought out of high school...and that thing HAD to go!  It was a sore thumb in our advancing home, and it was time for a change.  We were already upgrading our chair, why not the desk too?  And we had gotten such a good deal on the chair, we were way under budget.  So, we were in search for a new desk.  After hours of deliberating - we had to find the perfect one! - we agreed on a desk, purchased it, and loaded the desk and chair into the bed of the truck.

We got home and began to put the chair together so that I could take care of some things online.  However, to our dismay, there were broken parts included in the pieces, and it wasn't going to suffice.  Colten immediately called the store, we boxed the chair pieces back up, scanned through the desk pieces to be sure they were all there and unbroken, and headed back to the store, 30 minutes away at 7:00pm.  Our journey began at 12:30pm.  I was personally exhausted.  However, we made it to the store, they exchanged our box for an already-assembled chair and were on our way back home for the second time.  The chair is amazing, and I've never had such a comfortable one to sit on while computing.  :)  I'm a very happy girl.

Colten's mom and step-dad visited yesterday, and so we had help assembling the desk.  Colten and Bubba put the desk together while I cleaned the kitchen - I scrubbed that thing CLEAN! - and cooked lunch.  Ok, mostly Bubba put the desk together while Colten watched ;).

The end result is amazing, and I couldn't be any happier.  It definitely fits our personalities and our lifestyle now, as the college years are over (well, almost for Colten) and we are upgrading our furniture and home.  We're growing up!  And it feels sooo good!  I definitely had a moment this morning walking out of our bedroom and seeing the living room, complete with the new desk and chair.  I thought back to a few years ago when I was struggling with many things in life, and I thanked God for everything he's blessed me with, especially the little things.  I'm all about the little things, and I know a desk is a rather LARGE thing, but the ability (physically and financially) to purchase a desk with my husband and to have it in our home means the world to me!  I'm sitting here now just smiling away. 

So, it was another great weekend, and we will cherish our home upgrades for many years to come! 

 This picture just doesn't do it justice! 

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