Sean Lowe Finds {Love}

My mother in law is in town since yesterday morning, so instead of vegging out on the couch for a three-hour season finale/after the final rose special, we played Country Dance on the Xbox, followed by some Fruit Ninja and Call of Duty - during which I was completely exhausted and passed out.  
I admit I was a bit 'sad' (for lack of a better word) to not have watched the season finale of The Bachelor 17 with the rest of the world, but I got over it.  A few weeks ago, I read somewhere - and for the life of me cannot remember exactly where - that Catherine was going to be proposed to.  

With this information, watching weekly definitely changed for me, as I tended to draw more towards Sean and Catherine's relationship - and I didn't like it.  I'll be honest.  I just didn't see them together in the end...they were so different.  But I'm obviously not a part of their relationship, and their love for each other grew and grew ... 

... and Sean proposed to Catherine!  I get emails from celebrity gossip from time to time, and lo and behold - one of them had a headline "Sean and Catherine to Wed".  Dang it!  So, the cat was officially out of the bag and I accepted it.  Then I dove into all of the gossip columns and magazines to read up on the episode, even though it's still unwatched on my DVR.  

I just LOVE Catherine's dress!  

But can she ever do something DIFFERENT with that hair?!  Goodness.  
Lindsay was equally stunning, and ironically in a silver gown! 

I loved Lindsay, but I can also see that Sean would be a little more tied down with her, whereas Catherine appears to be more laid-back and open with life in general.  

In the 'After the Final Rose' special, Sean and Catherine admittedly told America that they want to get married 'very soon' and on National TV!  Aww - another Bachelor-aired, all-expenses-paid dream wedding...stab me in the face please!  Not only do these people go on FABULOUS dates while on the show, but then if they do get married, it's aired on national television and they get all the perks!  Why WOULDN'T they tie the knot on air?  Sorry, but this is a pet peeve of mine.  

Anyway, I'm very happy for Sean and Catherine, I hope it's genuine, and I hope their love lasts beyond the flair of the show!  I always love when they work out.  Trista and Ryan are still favorites of mine, as are Molly and Jason (even though she wasn't his 'first choice') and J.P. and Ashley!  I love love, and anytime love is found and is genuine, I smile.  

Oh, and check out her rock!  So gorgeous.  

So, congrats to Sean and Catherine as their 'official' in-the-public-eye relationship continues to bloom!  May they live a life of happiness together ♥.  

I'll eventually get through the finale and After the Final Rose special sometime this week ... but now there's no rush :). 
It was also announced that Desiree Hartsock will be the next Bachelorette, after losing out on love with Sean.  I love Des, and she was my favorite since the VERY BEGINNING, so you better believe I'll be watching her season, which airs on May 20, 2013! 
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Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide said...

Lol I too couldn't believe who he chose and can't wait to see Des!

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