Buda Weekend

Another Monday means it's time to lay it all out there.  Or, just recap my amazing weekend. 
And amazing it was! 
Best of this weekend: hanging out with cousins!
Worst of this weekend: spending too much money at H-E-B. Boo.
Saturday, I worked overtime.  Enough said, right? 
After earning some much needed mula, I headed home, where my amazing husband was waiting.  He had the weekend off, y'all.  That's HUGE in this house!  We spent some time together and then decided to head on over to my cousin's house ealier than planned, which turned out great!  We went to church and then out to eat at a small Mexican restaurant in town ... so good!  We then took a mini road trip and had lots of laughs!  Y'all, it was hilarious! It was great to get away from the regular routines and just have some fun with family! Never a dull moment with those two:
Colten took the girls for a late night Wal-Mart trip, how adorable are they?!  Ha. My weird family, yep.  I say those words all too often. 
We ended up spending the night (thanks, Kim!) and got to sleep in late. Bliss!  I hadn't done that in at least two or three weeks - I just work so dang much these days!  But anyway, we spent the morning playing Candy Crush.  And now, I'm addicted.  Yay...
Seriously, all five of us were each on a device playing this game!  But it was great to just relax ALL morning with nothing to worry about.  Definitely much needed.  But then, they got the itch for water balloons, so this happened:
So fun! 
And, as already mentioned, we spent way too much on groceries yesterday evening, but such is life I guess! 
Also, Drop Dead Diva is BACK!  It premiered last night and was fabulous!  I'm so excited that they decided on another season! 
I also watched the series premiere of Devious Maids - it looks promising!  Definitely different, so I'm going to give it a chance. 
How was your weekend?!
*P.S. If you haven't used this product yet, GET IT NOW! Seriously, it's amazing.*
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Rachel Silski said...

Looks like a fun weekend and I am jealous of that cone dipped in chocolate! That is my favorite!

Kristen said...

aww so glad your husband had the weekend off so y'all could spend some time together! & I ALWAYS spend way too much on groceries so don't feel bad! haha

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