{Dear Dad}...

Happy Father's Day!
Today is a day set aside to really celebrate the wonderful fathers in our lives.  And my dad is no exception!  He has played a monumental role in my life, and I know that he will continue to do so for the rest of my life.  I love and cherish my dad every.single.day. 
And in honor of Father's Day, my all-time favorite picture of my dad and me. :-D

My father is my hero.  He knows it.  I know it.  We all know it.  Although I may not communicate that enough, it doesn't take away from my love towards him. 
My dad is all of these things and more.  He is so unbelievably amazing and supportive - I'm so blessed to be his daughter.  Thinking of everything that I want to say on this special day in honor of my father, I couldn't help but revert back to this post about honoring my dad on his birthday this year.  It is heartfelt, compassionate, and it says it all!  But to sum it up, my dad is pretty much amazing.  And completely badass. :)  Yep, be jealous!
My journey through life so far has had its share of bumps in the road, don't we all know it! Haha.  But my dad has never given up on me - and he never will.  And last week was no different.  I vented about having a pretty rough day last week and posted the Instagram picture of Meredith Grey drowning (the title of that episode of Grey's Anatomy was called 'Drowning on Dry Land') - I shared that picture to Facebook, and this is what my dad had to say that day:
And now I will take this opportunity to repeat, MY DAD IS AMAZING! 
Through thick and thin, good days and bad, the highs and lows - he supports every single one of us.  He's a family man and I am forever grateful for his support and encouragement.  
Thank you, daddy!
I pray that all dads are honored and celebrated on this day, whether they are still with us today or have passed.  Take the time to show your dad (or father figure) that you love him and care about him. Don't take the moments you have or had for granted.  I know I don't!  

Happy Father's Day, dad. 

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Laura Darling said...

Your dad sounds like such a great guy! I love that message he sent you! You're a lucky girl! :)

Brittany F said...

What a sweet message from your Dad. He seems like such an encourager.

Brittany @ Everyday Thoughts

Casey Aslan said...

Sweet post! Dads are AMAZING!

Lauren said...

AWW, this is such a lovely post. I am so glad you have a wonderful relationship with your dad. xo

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