My Husband, My Hero.

Well, he finally did it!
My husband has graduated from college!

It's been a long journey, and I won't go into super specific details here, because that's his story and this is my blog, so there ya go.  BUT, it was a great day and I was simply beaming with pride!  Is it obvious??
Friday, May 31, 2013, my husband donned his cap and gown and walked proudly across the stage to receive his diploma.  Well, the piece of paper they give you prior to you receiving your actual diploma in the mail anyway :). 
His best friend drove down Thursday night, so they were both off on Friday and enjoyed the day together (and cleaning the house for his wife...hehe).  They also drove me to work and picked me up - it was mighty nice not having to deal with traffic to or from work.  Can I have a car service every day?  No?  Oh ok...never hurts to ask! 
I got off work early on Friday in order to prepare and be ready so we weren't late!  Well, he was wanting to have a pool day on Saturday, and this girl needed a new swimsuit!  Fo real - my last one is a strapless number that I only owned because my wedding dress was strapless and I refused to have tan lines on my wedding day!  People, my wedding day was over a year and a half ago! It was time for a new suit.  It's a pain in the butt to constantly be tugging on a strapless top when I REALLY DIDN'T HAVE TO ANYMORE!  It was frustrating, especially when your husband is a fish and is not okay with just sitting in the water with a cold drink, soaking up the rays.  No, this man PLAYS.  I digress.  For now.
So, after we bought a new swimsuit, we headed back to the apartment to begin getting ready for the big night!  My mom arrived shortly thereafter, and I began my hunt of what to wear.  That's always a challenge ;).  I'm a girl, so of course it was!  After we were all ready, my brother and sister came over to the apartment, and we all headed out to venture downtown for the ceremony.  He had lots of support, as his friend was there, so were his grandparents from Tennessee (they drove down for the event), his mom, step-dad, nephew, and grandparents from Austin.  And, like previously stated, so did my mom, brother, and sister.  And, we all got to sit in the front row.  That's what happens when you're in the right place at the right time.  I was so excited. 
It was a graduation like most graduations - several speakers, loooong speeches, and heartfelt moments.  A lady sang both an opening and closing song - she was amazing! 
Her voice was flawless and she really showed passion.  Colten admitted to tearing up during the final song: Wind Beneath My Wings
He's such a sweetheart
After the ceremony, we took lots of pictures! :) Of course! 


And then we jetted off to Olive Garden.  It all worked out fabulously, even though he made reservations at the WRONG location!  I was upset, but all was okay in the world, and we enjoyed ourselves. 
I know I've probably said this about a thousand times, but I am so unbelievably proud of my husband!  He's accomplished so much and has persevered even when it was so much easier to just give up.  Negativity from others has been hard to deal with, but through it all, he made the decision to finish school, and he did!  Well, he still has a few credit hours left until he's officially done, but he's almost there!  I do my absolute best to support him in any way possible, and this is one area I really try to remain positive and optimistic.  College isn't for everyone.  That's just how it goes, but my husband has proven that through adversity, he can (and will) come out on top and be successful. 
Colten, I love you and I'm proud of your success.  I never doubted that you'd come as far as you have, and I'm so excited for what our future holds together.  ♥
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Rachel said...

That is extremely exciting for your little family! My husband recently decided to go back to college to get his Master's Degree--it's a much harder thing to do when you're an adult and married and have a job and an outside life! I look forward to his graduation!

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