National Donut Day!

It's National Donut Day
Did you really think I wouldn't be super pumped and excited about this enough to post about it?!  Yeah, didn't think so!
Prior to realizing what today was, I had told my co-workers that I would stop by Krispy Kreme this morning to pick up some donuts.  We've all been working overtime and could use the pick-me-up. 
Well, this was a completely epic fail, as I woke up super early after working job #2 last night and not getting much sleep, got ready for work, and left early - I am NOT a morning person, just FYI - I was proud that I had accomplished everything that morning and would still arrive on time to earn my overtime hours.  BUT, when I arrived at the drive-thru, I learned that the store did not open for another thirty minutes. 
Yes, I was up and out of the house before Krispy Kreme even opened!  Sad day. 
I had told my husband about my plan this morning, so I ultimately told him how my plan went up in flames.  He rubbed it in that he had donuts this morning...just not KK (Krispy Kreme). 
Later in the morning (about 9am), I decided that I was going to go to KK on my break and get donuts - I had already gotten my heart set on them and it was definitely worth the drive!  So, my co-worker and I headed out to get breakfast!  It was amazingly delicous and we enjoyed every bite!

When my husband got off of work, however, he texted me and said he had my donuts for me for when I got home later in the day.  So nice of him.  I texted him back saying, "Ok. We went to KK after all :)." 

His response: 'Ok, I guess I'll turn around then."

Y'all, the sweet, sweet man was going to DRIVE TO MY OFFICE TO DELIVER DONUTS because he knew how much I was looking forward to them this morning and then wasn't able to get them. 

This man melts my heart.  And I am so blessed to be his wife! 

Happy Donut Day, everyone!
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