Breaking {New Ground}

It's about time! We finally ventured out a little yesterday afternoon {while the weather was glorious!} and went on a hike! We've been doing pretty good exercising more often, but it's mostly been just around our apartment complex, which is awesome and has great scenery, but it gets old after a few times around the block... Yesterday, however, my sister decided to take it to the next step. So, we set out for St. Edward's Park & Trail. And it was beautiful! {please excuse my not-so-great iphone pictures...}

Driving up, it definitely didn't feel like we were in the city anymore...which was awesome! It seriously felt like we were driving around the country backroads like the good old days *sigh*. I was so excited to be able to get that country feeling in the city - we were maybe 15-20 minutes away from our apartment. Seriously amazing. It definitely made me thankful for nature. Walking the trails, listening to the water flowing, birds chirping - it was a great release to just get out of the house and hang out with my husband and sister in nature. We had a blast!

We walked about 2 miles total, which wasn't even a quarter of the trails! It was awesome to explore a new part of Austin and a new trail - it doesn't even seem like you're working out, but you are! Win-win if you ask me! We saw a couple waterfalls and watched some dogs play in the water. So cute! I'll be honest and admit that I really wasn't feeling the whole 'hiking' thing yesterday - I had so much to do around the house and I honestly wanted nothing more than to just relax in my pajamas and hang out at home. But I'm totally glad that they got me out of the house and we experienced this together! It was so peaceful and really what I've been needing!


I think it's safe to say that Colten had the most fun while we were there. He wouldn't stop talking! Grr! But he was definitely in his element out there and loved every second of it! He climbed the highest points and scouted for fish...he was in heaven! Plus, it got him out of the house and allowed him to expend some of his pent-up energy - another win-win! :) It was truly a blessing to be able to spend time with two of my favorite people outdoors and just exploring the new {to us} park. We laughed so much! Greatest stress reliever ever! And you can pretty much guarantee we'll be going back soon!

Such a fun afternoon! Love, love, love these two!!
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Haley said...

What a nice way to spend the day! I'm not a big nature girl.. but when I do get out, it's always pleasant. I think; I should do this more often! AND, it's always nice to get in some sister time..!

Brenda from said...

It looks so fun. I need to find time to spend outside. :)

Karla said...

So fun! I love hiking! It's always different every single time. =)

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