Locked & {Re}Loaded

Today marks 6 weeks since the amazingness that was the Locked and Reloaded Tour. The amazingness of it still hangs over me! Ahhh!

So, my friend asked me months ago if I would be interested in going to a Miranda Lambert concert. Umm...let's just say I didn't even have to think about it! Y-E-S! I talked it over with my husband and he agreed that I needed a girls' night. I mean, think about it, I had been working so many hours while overtime was offered over the summer ... this girl needed a break! So, what better way to celebrate surviving all of the chaos than a concert?! I couldn't think of one, so I was definitely in! The date was open for me, and we got the money to another friend, who ultimately purchased the tickets. Little did we know just how awesome the seats were... {seriously}.

The concert was at the Circuit of the Americas Austin360 Ampitheater - the new venue that has graced this town with its presence. It was the first time I've been there, and it did not disappoint! However, the hike to and from the acual venue from the parking lot was gruesome. Plus, it had rained earlier that afternoon, so it was extra humid, plus, it's Texas, so it's hot to begin with! Regardless, we made the trek, and it was well worth it! 

There were five of us, none of which {except myself} were really country music fans. Seriously. It was pretty funny! But they were great sports and we all ended up having a blast, despite the weather! Dierks Bentley killed it, as usual. I've seen him in concert only once before, but this time was amazing. He puts on a seriously great show and is an awesome entertainer. And then, Miranda! She definitely rocked it out and had everyone on their feet. Such a great, great time! I'm so glad I was able to go and get out of the house for an evening. And the seats we had - seriously awesome! We were on the very first level, right behind the mosh pit {except it's not really a mosh pit in country music world}! We were able to see way better in person than our photos even turned out! And now, the pictures! *Please excuse the bluriness of the pics...my iphone tried...ha!*

It was a great girls' night out and a night that I definitely won't forget! :)
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Courtney B said...

It doesn't get better than this! What a PERFECT girls night... you totally deserved it!

Haley said...

Sounds awesome! A girl's night out is always deserved!! ;)

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