You Know You Live in {Texas} When...

Umm, isn't it NOVEMBER?! The last time I checked, it was. So will someone please tell me why it was 90 degrees yesterday?! Seriously, y'all. The A/C was cranked down low, and I was clad in shorts and flip flops. No joke!

Just a few days ago, it was close to freezing - 40 degrees! And then, out of nowhere, BAM! Upper eighties/low nineties. Which, if you know me at all, you know that I was sad, sad, sad! Praying the next few days cool off! Bring back the sweater weather! 

I'm bound and determined to bring back the cooler temps {and so far, it's's 63 this morning!}. I know there are pros and cons to every type of weather, because those that live in cold temperatures where it snows every day tell me to enjoy the heat because having everything wet and shoveling snow is just no fun. Well, neither is sweating to death! Ha! But seriously, I need to contemplate this whole living in Texas thing. It's for the birds!

Fellow Texans always look at me like I'm crazy when I'm loving the cooler weather without a jacket and exclaiming that the weather is just perfect, all while they're freezing and can't add enough layers to warm up! It's true, I'm not a stereotypical Texan. I run away from the sun and I love me some cold weather! It's no surprise. I keep telling my family I'm going to move to Alaska - so I hope they're not surprised when the day comes I actually do! {it's not something serious right now, but you never know!}

I long for a 'White Christmas' and to have those memories attached to holidays of snow, cold, big puffy jackets, mittens...the whole nine yards! One day {most likely once we have kids, so they can experience it too!}, we'll have to take a trip to somewhere snowy and have our own white Christmas! Doesn't this look magical?! {it's also no surprise that this beauty that I loved at first site is of Central Park in New York *sigh*}

I'm willing the cold weather to come back to Texas today by listening to some instrumental Christmas music in my office. Yes, I'm that girl. And proud of it! You can also bet that I have a snowy, wintery scene as my desktop. I'm not ashamed! 

Are you a cold-weather loving person like myself or do you love the heat? I'd love to hear from you!

Also, be on the lookout for my Carabox reveal tomorrow! :)


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Haley Mendel said...

I love hot weather! Cold wether is no bueno!

Haley said...

I live on Vancouver Island where we rarely get snow. It isn't impossible, but when we do get it.. it melts pretty quick. It can be cold here, but we don't get the White Christmas' that we are both used to. (We grew up in places that get TONS of snow.) So every Christmas is nice, but just not the same as an old fashioned, back home Christmas. This year, we're going to Rob's home town for the holiday. I can't wait to post Christmas-y pictures with snow EVERYWHERE.
Phew.. that is hot. I like hot.. but I know what you're saying.. when you have it.. it's hard to appreciate it.. !!

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