Friday Lovin'

I just get so unbelievably excited for days like today. Nothing super special ever really happens, but at the same time, something fabulous happens every week at this time.


Yep, I'm in love with Fridays. Every single one of them. I never dread them, they never make me unhappy. I'm always ridiculously excited on each and every friday that comes my way. I LOVE FRIDAYS!

And this Friday, I'm loving a few we'll just get right to it! That's right, five on friday is here once again! Linking up with the good life blog. Don't pretend that you're surprised ... I love sharing a few random things at the end of every week. I look forward to it. I need it. So, it's happening.
{disclaimer: this doesn't mean it'll happen every.single.friday. a girl needs variety!}
I don't necessary love Judge Judy, but her show is pretty funny! And this clip is no different. She closes this case in 30 seconds by them disagreeing over what was stolen! HILARIOUS! Can we say dumb?!
I'm still in awe over what I'm calling our 'holiday bonus' from HEB! They surely surprised me!
100 ways to say thank you is none other than a crisp, brand-new $100 bill! And being the smart lucky lady that I am, I'm married to an HEB employee, so that means we each got one! That's right. I think I'm still in shock. Perfect timing with the holidays just around the corner! {Thanksgiving is next week y'all!}
I'm just absolutely loving on Shay Shull over at Mix and Match Family. She's a girl after my own heart, and her blog is just chalk-full of all things Christmas lately! I'm keeping her Christmas music guide handy this year! Also, she just posted about her all-time favorite Christmas movies, which I love! Some of them I haven't seen yet {gasp!}, so I'll definitely be looking into them this year! Thanks Shay!
Speaking of bloggers, Karla over at Forever Newly Wedded cheered me on this week! She participated in the brand-spanking-new linkup, Cheers Not Jeers, and spotlighted little ol' ME! Go here to check it out! She is super sweet and I just love her blog! I pretty much stalk read it every day {and comment, of course!} and I enjoy reading up on her and her sweet husband's {and Tyson's} adventures! They're always up to something. Thanks again Karla! :-)
Right now, I'm most looking forward to decorating for Christmas! I mean, there's really nothing better out there! I wanted to get it done last weekend, but that didn't happen. I had hopes for this weekend, but that outcome is looking just as bleak as last weekend! *sigh* It'll happen soon, though, I can promise you that! Seriously, doesn't this picture just scream Christmas, toasty warm pajamas, drinking cocoa, watching holiday movies, laughing, and just not having any worries in the world?
The answer to that is simply, yes! Yes, it does! I can't wait! Why would you not want that in your life? I need it immediately. And if this picture were my actual house, I'd be in hog heaven! I'm going to try to recreate this feel this year in our own place! Wish me luck!
What are some of your favorite things from this week? Are you decorating for Christmas already? Let me know!

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Karla said...

Awww thanks girl! That Christmas bonus!! NICE! And speaking of Christmas... that last picture.. oh my gosh! I want to jump right into it!! =)

Haley said...

I am actually shocked by how many 'american bloggers' have their Christmas up already! Just because I would assume that you all would wait until after Thanksgiving. No judgment, just surprised is all. I LOVE Christmas. I LOVE decorated houses. We have left town for Christmas in the past (and we are again this year) and we still decorated the hell out of our house. Real tree, lights outside, lights inside... fake snow.. We love it. It helps that my husband gets giddy over our baby girl being able to wear her "Christmas Sweater" for the first time last night.. He is a big holiday guy. But the BIGGEST fan of Christmas. That living room looks amazing. I think once we have a bigger, nicer home and we are making more money, our house will end up looking like that around the holidays. Happy Friday- I'm on maternity leave and I still get excited over Fridays! It's a habit!!

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