So {Thankful}

So, last week I did so great blogging! This week, not so much! The weekend just got away from me, and I've been super busy ever since. Plus, I'm not feeling so great, so I'm trying to rest up so I feel 100% for the rest of this holiday week! Can y'all believe Thanksgiving is only two days away?! And Sunday, it'll be DECEMBER! Holy WOW!
So, with Thanksgiving being so close ... I decided to write about things I've been thankful for lately. Just something to boost my spirits and help remind me of the greatness while I'm not feeling so great.
Today I'm Thankful For
+ my family. Seriously, I can never say enough just how much my family means to me! We support each other 110% through thick and thin, and I absolutely adore my family!
+ my husband. He's so amazing and I'm forever thankful to be his wife! He's been so patient and understanding these past few days while I haven't been feeling like myself.
+ cold weather! It's no surprise that I absolutely love cold weather, and it hasn't been disappointing this week! It's been in the 30's all week, and I'm in love!
+ my health. Although I haven't been feeling the greatest these past few days, I'm so thankful I don't have any major health issues and that I'm generally pretty healthy. 
+ scarves. I've had a recent scarf obsession and I'm just loving my monogrammed scarf from Caitlin!
+ bloggy friendships. Non-bloggers just don't get it. "You actually talk to complete strangers about your life? Like, serious in-depth life stuff?"  Nope, I don't. Blog friends aren't strangers! You tell so much about yourself in the blog world and really open up, so fellow bloggers definitely aren't strangers! They're friends. And sometimes they know more about me than real-life friends. Sometimes.
+ three day work weeks. They're the best! And tomorrow isn't even a full day - we're out at noon!
+ unanswered prayers. I know it's cliche, but it's so true! If all of my prayers were answered the way I wanted them to be, I wouldn't be where I am today and be experiencing my life the way that I am. I'm so thankful that God has a plan for my life and I'm not completely in control! Amen!
+ Christmas decorations! I put up our Christmas tree last Friday, and my mood was lifted instantly! I just love the ambience from the lights and how comfortable it is with the heater running, cold weather outside, and Christmas decorations scattered throughout the house. Perfection I tell ya!
+ Ace. Seriously, our doggy has given me so much joy since we first got him several years ago. He's not a little puppy anymore, though! *sigh* Just this morning, he was loving on me and cuddling with me - I didn't want to leave the house! He just makes me smile when sometimes all I want to do is cry.
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Rachel S said...

These are all great reasons to be thankful!

Kim said...

I am thankful for you Bri! Love you!

Brenda from said...

I can't wait to put up my Christmas tree. :) I love your thankful reasons. :D

Haley said...

Blogging friendships are so amazing. Seriously, I share things that I wouldn't normally because it's so easy to. I know that if I met any of my blogging friends, you would all be surprised with how quiet I am at first. I'm shy when I first meet people and I'm nothing like how "I write".. Writing is my outlet and I'm very outgoing when I write. After awhile though, I open up and get obnoxious like how I write. ;) It's so nice to be able to reflect on what you are thankful every once in awhile.. instead of COMPLAINING. We do that too much. Rest up for Thanksgiving!

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