Surprise, Surprise!

HE WENT TO JARED!  (again)

My husband is the absolute best!  If you follow me on twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you already know that my husband picked me up and took me out to lunch yesterday!  So sweet!  He hasn't had a reliable vehicle for so long, and now that he does, it's amazing!  He was off yesterday, so he picked me up at work and we headed on over to Which Wich.  Their sandwiches are seriously amazing.  But anyway...on to the point of this post. 

Later that afternoon, after an amazingly sweet lunch date, he texted me and told me not to look at the bank account.  We recently received our tax return refund and were paying off major credit cards, so he was having to deal with the fraud team of our bank.  But any time he tells me not to look at something, I obviously get concerned...or nosy....or anxious....or, let's be honest, all of these at once!  I want to know immediately what's going on.  Well, of course he wouldn't tell me....he just begged me not to look!  Upon inquiring when he'd let me in on whatever it was that was going on, he said he would talk to me about it when I got home.  Now, that doesn't seem unreasonable.  However, it was only 2pm and I had to go to job #2 yesterday, which meant an entire 8 hours before I'd be home.  Ugh.  I'm ridiculously impatient and he was definitely testing me!  So, I waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.  And in between all of that waiting, I was texting him, teasing him that I was going to look at the account.  But, I managed to wait and opened the door to the apartment...

He told me to close my eyes as he left the room.  When he returned, he told me to open my eyes.  And to my surprise was a bag from Jared's!  I almost started crying.  Seriously, my husband is always thinking of me and doing little things for me.  Sometimes I find myself taking this for granted, but I'm definitely working on that and am sure to tell him just how much I appreciate him and his efforts.  A year and a half/two years ago, he surprised the HECK out of me with a Pandora bracelet from Jared's.  And ever since, I've been obsessed with trying to fill that sucker!  By the way, I've succeeded!  It's officially full of charms!  But, my husband has been super helpful with this task.  He's always looking for very meaningful charms to add to my collection.  And yesterday was no different.  He surprised me by taking my bracelet to, first of all, get cleaned.  Then he began his search for a new charm - and boy did he score big time (with getting the perfect charm...dirty minds...)!  Just look at this beauty:

It's the 'guardian angel' charm!  He said it's in remembrance of my granny that tragically died a little over a year ago.  This man is so dang thoughtful!  I seriously started crying when I saw the charm and he explained its significance.  I now have several guardian angels watching over me, and I will cherish this charm forever.  Every time I look at it, I think of both of my grandma's, my aunt, friends, the grandpa I never met, and so many others that have passed away.  He's good...I'll give him that!  I already have a cancer ribbon charm in remembrance of my other grandma that passed away almost 9 years ago to cancer.  I also have a dog charm, lots of hearts charms and 'i love you' charms, as well as a very expensive birth stone charm, bible charm, and a stack of books charm for when I graduated college!  I also have a horseshoe charm for my 'country roots' and for luck! He spoils me...

So, I'm proudly wearing my Pandora bracelet today, and am going to work on color coordinating the bigger stone charms!  It's definitely a favorite addition to my jewelry collection, and I wear it proudly.  And, thank you babe, as you surprised me yet again with your big heart and giving ways.  I truly appreciate everything you do for me and will always cherish the love we have together.

Surprise, husband is amazing!  No real surprise there, as I already knew this ;).  

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