A Glimpse into Parenthood

It's inevitable: a baby post. 

*Disclaimer: I am NOT pregnant* 

Colten and I want kids, but when the time is right for us {which in our opinion, isn't right now}. We are focusing on other things that are important to us right now in the stage of our lives we're in. Vague enough? Good. :) 

With that being said, we have baby fever! We know it's best to wait {and wait we will} and we also know that God already has it all planned out, if we are meant to be parents. Regardless, it seems like all of our friends are pregnant and popping out babies! Ahhhh! And with social media, it's plastered in my face every single day! I'm unbelievably happy for all of our friends and wish the best for all the parents/parents to be! It's so exciting! But with that, Colten and I are content on waiting for our time. 

We had the opportunity recently for a glimpse into parenthood. As in, we were completely responsible for human lives that depended on us. Whoa. I was never into the babysitting business and didn't watch other people's children for any period of time on my own, for no other reason than I just didn't. 

With that being said, Colten and I kept two of our cousins for a few days at our place. I admit, I was nervous! They were not in their home with all of their things, how was I supposed to keep them occupied and to where they weren't bored out of their everloving minds?! What would we DO with them all day? I like to be lazy, but these girls are so energetic! We don't have a backyard ... what will we do?! They're also probably pretty picky when it comes to their food...what would we feed them? Would they be miserable the entire time? I mean, it was for two nights and two days! 

Now, it wasn't a glimpse into taking care of a completely helpless baby, as they are 8 and 12 years old. They can do things on their own. 

Like cooking supper {they even shredded the cheese with a potato peeler because their cousin does not own a cheese grater...}.

And taking selfies...

And posing with random things in the store! 

They also can buy things on their own, like a giant duck to add to their ever-growing barnyard in their room! 

And holding hands crossing the gigantic parking lot and standing still long enough to capture our shadows.

And playing fruit ninja until their little arms felt like falling off...

And talking Colten and I into taking them to JumpStreet! 

Hilary met us there, and we captured this gem mid-air. =) 

Colten was in heaven, y'all! He is a kid at heart, and he's so endearing to watch around children. I know he'll make a great father some day! But that day, he was giant cheeto! We could always spot him, bahahaha! 

Overall, it was a great experience! Thanks, Kim, for allowing us to be responsible for your children! I hope they aren't too scarred... ;). We had a blast, and I know the girls did too! I also know they were ready to go home to their mom and dad and their friends. 

What I learned: 
+ Colten and I will be amazing parents, as we will pay attention and sacrifice our wants and needs for those of our children. 

+ We will lose sleep once we have kids. I know, this is a big, giant DUH! But it's so true - Kyra wakes up sooooo early! Luckily, she's old enough to just play on her phone and entertain herself. Our kids will probably be more like Maeve and sleep until noon. We can only hope! 

+ I was actually motivated to do things and be {dare I say} productive! As in, I cleaned the kitchen and did laundry, etc. It's crazy what being responsible for human life can do to you...even if it is only for a few days! I actually am looking forward to this aspect of parenthood. 

+ Life is going to be a blast! I already love Colten and I's relationship so much, and there's seriously never a dull moment. We have our ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade our love for anything! Add a little one {or two, or ten....KIDDING!} to the mix, and I know that our 'every day' will only improve!

+ Our children are going to be oh so loved! Not only by us, but by their aunt and uncle and grandparents as well! Hilary came out and joined us at JumpStreet after work and an appointment. We all had a blast! We even introduced Kyra and Maeve to the fabulousness of Olive Garden! Can you believe they didn't even know what it was?! Oh my goodness...they know, now!

So, there you have it! A glimpse into parenthood


Morgan Rae said...

How fun! You guys are going to be wonderful parents one day!! Oh, and believe me - I totally get the baby fever thing! I have it BIG time right now and Steven and I still have 80 days until we are even married!

Karla said...

This is so cute! Scott & I have had to watch kids before, but never overnight! Yikes! Good for you taking on that responsibility! =)

Karla said...
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Casey Aslan said...

You will be such a great Momma! And what great practice that was!

Haley said...

We watched two little ones .. oh, three or four years ago. They were probably 3ish and 4ish. It was INSANE. I couldn't believe how much work they ended up being. But, it was a really good lesson for us. We learned a lot. Now that i have a little one of my own, it's quite different. Babysitting is overwhelming because you aren't used to the demands of it 24/7.. so it's a huge adjustment. Luckily you grow with your baby and by the time she reaches that age, you'll have more practice at it!

Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

I think I always get nervous when I baby sit other peoples kids even though I have my own! Being a parent is a tough job, but I do believe it comes naturally to most:)

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