Wintry Mix.

What?! A snow day?! In TEXAS?! Say it ain't so! 

It wasn't, actually. But it kind of was? 

Friday was considered a 'snow day' here in Austin due to inclement weather. It basically meant that last week was only a three-day work week (score!) and we had another three-day weekend (double score!)! 

I got the email, phone call, and text message from our Emergency Hotline at around 5:30am that our offices were closed for the day. It basically made my whole day, and so early in the morning! I couldn't go back to sleep, so I was up for a few hours, loving my Facebook newsfeed as everyone was excited about the weather. Some people called it an icepocalypse, and others referred to it as a snow day. Personally, I prefer to say that Texans can't handle a little wintry mix. Ha! It's true. 

And a wintry mix it was! Some parts of Texas received a bit of snow, while others mostly got ice. Austin had a mix of both, which didn't last long at all. As you can see in the picture above, only parts of the ground have white stuff on it, while others were just crunchy due to the ice. Ace hated it. Poor guy - he was so cold! He's cold-natured anyway, so the ice on his little paws was over the top for him. He definitely didn't push to go outside more than he absolutely had to all day! 

The absolute best recap of this event can be found over at Austin Republic. Check it out here. Seriously, you won't be sorry! 

And after all of the craziness surrounding the #icepocalypse, yesterday graced us with seriously gorgeous weather - it was in the mid-seventies all day! But alas, we're expecting more wintry mix tomorrow ... we'll see! 


Karla said...

This makes me LOL! I wish CT canceled things like the drop of a hat! I guess we are just used to ice/snow. Booo. I want to move to TX!

Morgan Rae said...

This is exactly the kind of thing that happens here in Alabama when even the slightest possibility of snow is mentioned. It's crazy! But the "snow days" are wonderful when the office closes! :)

Haley said...

Those surprise days off are amazing. It really goes to show how much we appreciate NOT working!! I'm happy to hear you had a nice long weekend!

Night Owl said...

we are suppose to possibly get snow and sleet tomorrow and wednesday. fingers crossed it happens but we will see since i'm in south part of georgia.

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