It's here. The day I've been waiting for all.week.long. FRIDAYYYY! 

So, why not a little five on Friday, shall we? Indeed, we shall. 

I'm tired. I'm really doing my best not to complain, but this whole first week back at both jobs after the holidays thing is for the birds! Oh, and add on top of that some overtime, and you've got yourself one tired Bri. Seriously, only three-four hours of sleep a night just isn't cutting it! Praying for longer days... ;) 

I'm la-la-LOVING this inspiration board by Bailey Jean! It's seriously motivational! I'm thinking of working on my own inspiration board this weekend and then printing that sucker out and framing it. I think yes. 

This song. 

Talk about exclaiming your love for all the blessings you've been given! This gem came on the radio this morning as I was heading to work at 5:30am, and I turned that sucker up and jammed out! Even half asleep, it was a pretty phenomenal way to start my day! 

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Have I mentioned yet just how much I just love Fridays? I'm sure I have :). 

This Friday is a little different, though. I'm at work for 12 1/2 hours, and I'll be back tomorrow morning for another 8. This adjustment period week has been hard, but I know the reward will be very much worth the sacrifices right now! Overtime is being offered once again, and it's an opportunity that God has provided through His graces to allow our family some extra income in a season we need it the most. 

Balance. Focus. 
These are two words that I've been drawn to a lot lately, and they are so very important, in every aspect of my life. I am striving to find balance in life between working two jobs and now overtime for the next few months in addition to being a wife, friend, blogger, sister, and daughter. I'm making strides in my faith and my relationship with the Lord. I have so many great ideas and things I want to really get accomplished this year. But the key to all of this is to find balance in and through it all. And to focus. Focus on each task at hand and give it my full attention. Focus on my goals and the steps needed to reach them. I can do this. 

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Karla said...

Holy mother of pearl! You work a lot!! Wow! I am wishing you a weekend full of at least SOME rest and possibly an episode or two of Downton now that you have all my secrets! =)

Jessi Otey said...

I'm with ya on the tired- only because this was the first full week back after 2 weeks off (so I really shouldn't complain!) That inspiration board is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l by the way! Have a great weekend and try to relax!

Rachel S said...

Loving the pinterest board..all that glitter makes me smile!

Night Owl said...

pinterst is the best. I try not to go there alot b/c its addicting.


Haley said...

Are you planning on working the two jobs for awhile? Or is it just a temporary thing for ya?
Balance and Focus.. yes, this is what I need to exercise when I head back to work in March.

Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

That board is incredibly inspiring! My mind is everywhere lately, I think I'll just keep repeating balance and focus throughout my days!

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