Hey, Haley!

Happy hump day! It's Wednesday, and the roads are cleared up from yesterday's craziness. It iced again here, which meant that basically the entire city was shutdown, except it wasn't. Our office delayed opening to 10am, which was super amazing because it meant I was able to sleep in for two extra hours! Yes, please! Then, at 9:00am, I got the call that they were delaying opening for another two hours, so I turned around and headed home. I was pretty disgusted with the fact that they (as in the city in general) waited until the last minute to make a decision on whether businesses and schools would be delayed or even closed for the day. One school in particular literally decided to close for the day like two minutes before classes were to start, and buses had gone out to pick up children - it ultimately led to livid parents and children who were on the bus for hours. Not cool, Austin. Not cool.  

Anyway, I'm here today to tell you about my super cool and amazing bloggy friend! Her name is Haley and she blogs over at Truth Be Told! She's a Canadian, and she loves her some snail mail! {which reminds me, I need your address, girl!}

Truth Be Told

This picture sums up what I think about Haley - she's hilarious, y'all! She's one of my regular commenters, and I always look forward to her quirky and hilarious take on my post for the day. She's also super sweet and encouraging! No matter what I'm going through or facing, she always brightens my day with some quick words of wisdom. She's also a new momma to a gorgeous daughter, Alina. Check out what their names mean, here

Isn't Alina just precious?! Like mother like daughter, wouldn't you agree? ;) Just look at the resemblance in these two pictures!

Also, Haley's husband is equally hilarious, and I can only imagine that they get into the funniest situations! That's one entertaining couple! Haley does a series on her blog called, Crazy Shit Rob Does! I absolutely love this series and look forward to the things that he gets into! Check out what he's been into recently...here. You won't regret checking it out. Funny, funny stuff. 

Haley is also on a mission...yep, Mission Hot Bod. She's attempting {and succeeding} to get back to the best shape of her life, post baby, and she's such an inspiration. She posts weekly updates and thinks no one reads them or cares, but she's wrong! She had a shaky week this past week, but she's doing such an amazing job and I'm pretty proud of her! You go, girl! 

So, today, I just wanted to encourage Haley and lift her up. She has a lot going on in her life, and she's doing so well balancing everything! She's truly a refreshing soul and I look forward to continuing getting to know her and her sweet family! Go show them some love, y'all! 

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Karla said...

I need to go check this blogger out! That series she does on her husband sounds funny! And omg! I have baby fever now agaain! That face! So cute. =)

Haley said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS. Bri!!!! You are so sweet. I just wrote a post that was kind of gloomy.. so now, you have totally and completely brightened up my day!! Thank you so much for this shout out.. it is beyond sweet! Wow.

The comparison of our pictures is actually really funny.. never noticed that before!

Again, thank you so much for this. (When I saw my picture on my Bloglovin' Feed I was like.. wait! I didn't post this on my blog this am.. what is going on!?!? haha)

Happy to hear you have the day off, even if it took a minute to figure it out..!!

Casey Aslan said...

I can't wait to go over and meet Haley. Thanks for linking up last week, I appreciate all of your support

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