Like Living

Yes, it's January 13th and we still have our Christmas decorations up. And we're darn proud of it! Okay, maybe not 'proud'... but I ain't mad! I may or may not be that person that leaves the Christmas decor up until Valentine's Day {I only hope I'm kidding here...but you never know what life will throw our way between now and then!}. I had every intention of de-decorating this past weekend, but that just didn't happen. I had more important things to do. 

Like working 8 hours on Saturday. 

Like visiting a friend in the hospital {he's doing GREAT!}. 

Like spending time with my husband. 

Like spending time with God and praising His works. 

Like reading for fun. Whoa. 

Like giving Ace some quality time. 

Like preparing for another super busy week. 

Like sleeping

Like working on our financials. 

Like enjoying some me time. 

Like laughing uncontrollably at something crazy my husband did. 

Like appreciating the gorgeous 60 degree weather. 

Like catching up on some Pretty Little Liars and Ravenswood. 

Like indulging in some spinach dip. 

Like grocery shopping. 

Like arguing with my husband. 

Like praying. 

Like being deliriously silly from lack of sleep. 

Like falling asleep to some MercyMe. 

Like living

Who cares if my Christmas stuff is still up? The Christmas season only just ended yesterday, as we celebrated Jesus's baptism in the Jordan. I honestly loved walking into church and seeing the Christmas trees and poinsettias still up everywhere. My heart was overjoyed, and I enjoyed the services that much more, singing Hark! The Harold Angels Sing and Angels We Have Heard on High

My tree will be up this week as well, seeing as I'll be working nonstop and tending to other things. This weekend may allow time for tree removal, but if it's not, I'm okay with that. I'd much rather be doing the little things that make me happy. 


Karla said...

Love this! Glad you were able to sleep! I totally know that silly-delirious-sleep deprived feeling! Haha. Here's to another week of xmas decor! No shame in that! I'd keep it up all year if hubby let me! =D

Rachel S said...

Mine is still up as well my friend! Glad you got some sleep as well! Love this post!

Haley said...

My husband is too much of a 'get things done' kind of guy. But I remember being a kid, and our tree was up until my mom's birthday (Jan/25) so you're definitely not alone!
Like.. arguing with my husband, would be my favourite 'better things to do'.. you listed. lol

Patty said...

I love this! Thank you for saying the Christmas season went till makes me sad/nuts when I see people throwing their tree's out days after Christmas.
I already joked with my husband ours is staying up till the first weekend in february;-)

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