{It's OK} Thursday #2

Linking up with Brunch with Amber and A Complete Waste of Makeup for 'It's Ok' Thursday.  I really needed it this week, as it's been a LONG one...and I've been frustrated as of late.  So, here it goes!  Time to rid of the negativity and un-okayness.  Yep, that's now officially a word!  Get used to it :). 

Its Ok Thursdays


...that my hair is a hot mess today.  It's my third 16-hour day in a row - I'm excused. 
...that I bought a 'blog journal' for my ideas and posts and all things blog-related. 

...to just close my door and have a day for myself without trying to solve everyone else's problems.

...that I have a giant red teddy bear from my hubby for Valentine's Day on my desk at work. 

...that my husband reverted to the traditional stuffed animal, flowers, and card gifts this year.  I love it! 

...that I can barely keep my eyes open today.  

...to be wearing pink on the national day of L.O.V.E. 

...to have my music cranked up and be jammin' out to get me through the day. 

...that I'm in love with the song 'Better Dig Two'.  It's sweet, in a creepy sort of way. 

...that my blog is still not completely revamped.  It's a work in progress! 

...that I still need to purchase my husband's last Valentine's Day gift.

...that I'm in a 'mood' today. 

...that others complain about you doing something, even after they've asked you to do it for them. 

...that I'm going to go over my budget for my husband's gift - he deserves it! 

...to want to just sit here, holding my bear, and thinking of my husband.  We definitely don't get as much time as we need together.  I miss him.  

...to miss my husband even though we live together and see each other every day - it's the quality time I miss...

...that I'm in love with these sparkly pens my boss gave me for Valentine's Day on Monday. 

...that this is a long list of things to be okay with...

...to need a day every week just for myself, cuddled in bed, watching dvr'd tv shows.  

What's okay with you today?  Link up!

1 comment:

Karla said...

It's cool.. I have a blog journal too!
Love that bear! SO adorable!!
I also love the song "Better Dig Two"... it's very catchy!
It is creepy though in a way, you're right! lol!

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