The Bachelor: {Thailand}

Last night was yet another fabulous episode of The Bachelor.  There were three girls left: Lindsay, AshLee, and Catherine.  This week....OVERNIGHTS in Thailand! 

Sean recapped the three very different women prior to the dates this week:

Catherine - Nerdy, goofy, unique.  He says they're serious when they need to be, but they can always have fun!  *insert flashbacks from the ice castle and the giant snow bus date*  And according to Sean, "We also have a romantic element that's off the charts."  Aww... 

AshLee - inspirational, strong.  Sean commends AshLee for having one of the biggest hearts.  He continued with saying that he never has to guess how she's feeling.  Sean and AshLee want the same things out of life: same type of family, same type of marriage, same type of future.  And yes, Sean said 'same type of' all three times.  I actually rewound to listen again, as I thought my brain was just hallucinating things.  But was real.  Sean comments that a future with AshLee is like the American dream, with a house and kids running around ...

Lindsay - loving, caring, generous, supportive, hilarious.  Lindsay and Sean's relationship is a spark that's grown into a massive flame.  Sean admits that it was during dinner on their first date in Montana that he began to be able to picture himself with Lindsay for the rest of his life.  They are a match physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Ok, enough of that!  Let's get to the dates shall we?! 

Lindsay was up first, and Sean took her to a Thai market.  But upon seeing her, they shared a passionate kiss, at which time Sean's hand goes straight for her butt!  *tsk tsk*  No shame, Sean!  But they really are adorable.  So, while they're at the Thai market, they are rummaging around and come upon the most adorable colored chicks (little chickens, not humans...)!  Seriously, these things were BRIGHT and BOLD colors: pink, blue, green, yellow.  Wowzers!  But I secretly wanted one.  Still do actually.... But anyway.  Sean and Lindsay were able to do normal things on this date, and they could really see themselves together in real life, when the cameras are turned off.  But, I wouldn't call eating bugs 'normal'.  Lindsay had mentioned to Sean that she would try anything once, but not bugs.  So, being a typical guy, what does he go for first?  The bugs, of course!  So, they each get a bug-on-a-stick and chow down.  Lindsay's face was priceless!  It was totally disgusting.  But, it wasn't over just yet!  Nope!  They had to go for a SECOND bug.  Totally and utterly g.r.o.s.s.  This one was a huge, crispy grasshopper.  Yummo.  Talk about nutritious!  Yuck.  Lindsay couldn't find her drink fast enough. 

Sean finally laughed it off and they walked away.  Aww, no more bugs :(.  They then move to Monkey Beach, which was stunning.  And yes, of course there were monkeys!  Sean and Lindsay were able to feed them!  I seriously want a monkey.  Seriously. 

Cutest darn things EVERRR!  But, back to Sean and Lindsay I guess.  Sean tells Lindsay that she's the best friend he's been looking for.  Awww.  How sweet.  Then, it was dinnertime.  (personally, my favorite time of the day, but whatever, this isn't about me anyway.)  Lindsay confirms to Sean that she's completely willing to move to Dallas to live with him and be a couple together instead of pursuing a long-distance relationship.  And then it was pretty funny.  I found myself thinking that there really aren't any *awkward* moments between Sean and Lindsay.  But then it happened.  Just like that....silence.  Awkward!  There were weird stares and funny laughs to try to get past it, but it was the biggest elephant in the room!  Lindsay wanted nothing more than to tell Sean of her undying love for him.  Okay, maybe it wasn't that extreme, but she did want to tell him that she loved him.  She just couldn't get those three little words out.  Let me help, Lindsay.... I.   LOVE.    YOU.   There, that wasn't so bad, now was it?   Then, she gave her speech.  She explained to Sean that she was taking the process very seriously and it wasn't just a game to her.  She said that it felt right and real, and that she wouldn't take what they had for granted.  I thought, this is it!  I was sure that she was going to say 'I love you' to Sean.  But nope.  They were interrupted by a Thai performance with dancers and lights!  It was pretty awesome to see, and I could only imagine what it was like to be there to experience.  Lots and lots of culture, people!  Then, Sean brought out the fantasy suite card.  Lindsay didn't hesitate, and she said that she would love to spend the time with him.  Then, while in the fantasy suite, she finally says it!  "I love you, Sean".  Awww!  So sweet.  Sean replied, "I love hearing you say that."  Poor guy.  

AshLee's date was next.  They were on a small Thai boat, and then Sean explained they were going to swim through Emerald Cave.  She was FREAKING OUT!  

She continued to repeat that she had a fear of rejection and abandonment.  Sean justified this date by saying that he wanted her to trust him.  During the cave dive, they kind of get lost, and even Sean admitted to being scared.  It was pitch black in there and they had no clue where they were going.  To be honest, it was a pretty lame date!  They finally emerged, though, and found themselves on a beautiful secluded beach that can only be accessed by going through Emerald Cave.  It was gorgeous!  AshLee stated several times that it was a 'different' AshLee than the girl that started on the Bachelor journey.  She had changed and was letting go of having to be in control at all times.  She also admitted (not to Sean, of course) that she would say yes to a proposal that day.  She continued, "Every part of me wants to be engaged to Sean next week."  Jennifer Weiner, a popular author, tweeted, "And one very special part wants to be engaged to Sean tonight."  Aww...bahahahaha!  So true.  Then, it was on to dinner that night.  AshLee admitted that she was scared to spend time with Sean off camera and that she wasn't morally willing to put herself out there if he was doing the same thing with two other women.  Boo hoo.  Like she doesn't know what the Bachelor is?!  Come onnnn!  I do have to admit that they had some pretty sweet small talk through dinner, though.  But then, the infamous date card arrived, explaining they could take advantage of the fantasy suite.  AshLee then gave Sean a lllooooonnnnnggggg speech, but ultimately she said yes!  She trusts him, apparently.  While in the fantasy suite, AshLee tells Sean the EXACT ring that she wants - followed by her ring size!  Dreaming much, are we pretty girl?  Ugh, I'm so over AshLee.  Her sob story is getting old quick!  She followed all of that by telling Sean that he's healed her broken heart.  Stab me in the eye, please!  Sean replied that it's good that she knows exactly what she wants.... I'm not buying it.  

Catherine's date was last this week, and Sean took her on a Thai boat (a big boat) to see the sights.  He says that he left her hometown date with two questions: 1-Do they have the same life goals?  2-Do they want to live life the same way?  But, they do have fun together, and Sean says that's important.  Doesn't he have fun with the other two women as well?  That's what he's been saying, so I don't know!  Hmm...  But Sean says several times that he had been missing Catherine and that he had been looking forward to their date all week!  Dun dun dunnnn!  Sean tells viewers that he wondered if Catherine could settle down in Dallas.  So, he asks her (good move).  She says that she's expired in terms of living in Seattle.  Way to beat around the bush there!  She tells Sean that she was pissed at her sisters.  Sean proceeded to ask her why she was ready for marriage now.  Then, Catherine erupts into a long story about being in a long-term relationship and she freaked out, which taught her, ultimately, what it took to be married.  She is more open with her friends than her sisters, as her and her sisters are in different points in their lives and there's drama and jealousy, etc.  She says one of her friends is married, so she can pretty much tell her anything.  After the pretty serious conversation, they back-flip off the boat and into the water, but not before giving each other some lovin'...of course!  
It's pretty obvious that Sean is more open with Catherine and talks of his affection towards her constantly.  Then a storm rolls through, and they scramble for cover back on the boat, but they end up kissing in the rain.  It was pretty hott!  Catherine says, "I'm ready to be with him."  Sean says, "She gets me more than anyone else."  Apparently Sean is way more goofy and nerdy than we thought!!  So, then it's off to dinner.  He openly asks Catherine where she sees them in five years.  Her answer - married, with a kid, and happy.  Super specific there haha.  She then admits that she's pretty traditional when it comes to relationships, admitting that the overnight date scared her.  She told Sean that she wants him to continue to see her as a lady (does she think he'll see her man-parts?!).  Sean was admittedly turned on by her nervousness over the fantasy suite.  Aww...that's true love people!  She says yes, and they head on over.  They get serious, again (so not typical Catherine/Sean viewing), and she tells him that she was made fun of when she was younger - that she was chubby or ate too much.  She then admits to him that she's never been in a bathing suit more times in her life than she has been with Sean.  His reply, "You're smoking hott, ok?  I'm the lucky one."  Awww.  They're soooo comfortable together.  Then, cameras shut off.  

Prior to the rose ceremony, Sean says that it's hard and he never pictured himself saying goodbye to this person (at this point, we don't know who he sends home).  It was the week that Emily sent him home on his season as a contestant, and he was blindsided.  He knows who he's sending home, but it was going to be the toughest thing ever.  It kills him inside.  This person is full of love and it kills him to think about it.  Ok, overkill much, Sean?  But wait, there's more!  he says that he hates being the person that breaks hearts or hurts feelings, but he knows that it needs to be done.  Then why are you the Bachelor?!?!  Oy.  He does admit that he's in love, though!  Aww.  Then, Chris Harrison tells Sean that the women left private, personal video messages prior to the rose ceremony.  He had the BIGGEST smile watching Catherine's video, and the most somber look watching AshLee's.  AshLee breaks down crying during the message - TWICE!  Get over yourself, girl!  You're totally dramatic.  I'm tired of hearing her 'broken' story.  It's all she talks about!  But she knows she'll 'always love him'.  Gag me!  Sean then admits that the video messages made his decision hard.  Well duh, you just watched three women tell you that they love you!  Jerk.  

Before the LAST rose ceremony, Sean says he knows he's not meant to be with the person he's sending home.  Cue Chris Harrison: "If you're ready, here's Sean."  Drum roll please.... 

First rose: Lindsay!  Wooooo hoooooo!  She's my fave! :)  They're adorable together!!  I was totally pumped at this point, and made the decision that it would be worth watching the show to the end now.  Ha!  

Second and final rose: he picks up the rose.  Looks at the women.  Bites his tongue.  Women sigh.  Rose close-up.  Clenched teeth.  Sighs of exasperation.  Clears throat.  And..... CATHERINE!  Yay yay yay!  AshLee is sent packin'!  The finale will definitely be worth watching now! :)  I'm rude...whatever.  

AshLee was PISSED!  She tells Sean to 'just stay' as she takes the walk of shame.  See ya!  But Sean replies, "Can I just explain myself please?"  To which she stops.  

*i think the world of you
*this is the hardest decision I've ever had to make
*I don't want to hurt you
*I hope you know where I'm coming from

But no real reason why it wasn't her.  Poor, poor AshLee.  Buh-bye!  

AshLee: "This wasn't a silly game to me." *evil eyes*  Sean sits with his head between his knees on a bench as the remaining two women look on at him.  Lame.  AshLee (in the car heading HOME) says that it was the 'ultimate reject'.  Umm...I'm pretty sure it was probably the ultimate rejectION.  Maybe that?  Yeah, probably.  She hides behind her hair and sobs.  Boo hoo.  

On to next week!  The reunion show: The Women Tell All! :) 

I also read from Sean's point of view of his experience this week.  Pretty cool!  Apparently, him and AshLee don't laugh much together.  Finally, a REASON.  And I can totally see that.  

Until next week! ♥

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