The Newlywed Game {Take 3}

Linking in for today's Newlywed Game! 

**I want to apologize in advance for some of my husband's answers - he answered them at around midnight last night on very little least that's what I'm using to justify some of these answers haha!  Just keep that in mind and we'll leave it at that...  :).  I also 'un-rednecked' some of his answers for your reading benefit.**

one: In your opinion, who has the better in-laws? You, or your spouse?
I think he does.  Our parents (all of them) are always supportive, but my parents have been such a huge part of us being where we are today, including financially!  And they paid for our wedding!  Thanks mom and dad!  
 She has the better in-laws.  I think that's how it's being worded.  
two: Who decided on the wedding song for your first dance? What was it?
 I kind of did (oops!).  He wanted something totally non-first-dance-worthy.  I've always wanted Shania Twain's 'From This Moment On' duet with Bryan White.  He agreed and that was that! 
We both did but I do not remember the song.  Wait, I think it was 'Then They Do' - I may be wrong, I'm sorry babe (Yeah, that song was the mother-son dance... Reading his answer kinda made me sad... But I have to keep in mind that he was pretty intoxicated and let it go.  I love you babe!   *at least he apologized*)
three:  Which song would you say is your spouse's theme song & why?
Umm, I dunno!  Probably Colt Ford's 'Dirt Road Anthem'.  He gets pretty upset when people say they like Jason Aldean's song, 'Dirt Road Anthem'.  He sets them straight as to whose song it really is!  Haha. 
'Thrift Shop' haha.  Just kidding.  I really couldn't tell you because I don't know any songs she listens to.  (He really doesn't - it pretty much changes weekly!)
four: What is the first thing your spouse takes off when they come home from work?
 His boots.  Those things are monstrous!  
Her shoes because we don't allow shoes on the carpet.  (yes, sir!)
five:  Fill in the blank.  When it comes to ______ , I definitely wear the pants in this relationship, but when it comes to _______ , my spouse definitely wears the pants.
 I wear the pants when it comes to our finances.  I refuse to be living paycheck to paycheck forever.  We're getting so much better, it's awesome!  He wears the pants when it comes to all things technical.  He's pretty good at it, and I am definitely not.  I'm forever asking him to fix something or help me unplug and plug something in (gaming consoles and that sort of thing).  
When it comes to everything, I definitely wear the pants in this relationship, but when it comes to money, my spouse definitely wears the pants.  (thanks babe...haha. someone has a high opinion of himself!)
six:  What is one thing you could do that would make your spouse the happiest person in the world?
Cook dinner, clean the house, do laundry, take the dog out all weekend...  He's had to do a lot of the housework over the past year since I'm working two jobs, and I know he hates it.  I'm sorry, love!  But you're amazing at it and I'm very grateful for your sacrifice!  
Nothing, because I already make her the happiest person in the world.  (this is true...isn't he so romantic? lol)
seven:  What is the most unusual thing you ever found in your spouse's pocket/purse?
Hmmm.... I'm not sure.  He was walking around with a paper towel in his pocket the other day, which I remember thinking was strange.  
There ain't no tellin.  Half the time, I think her and Mary Poppins are cousins because you will find the most random things.  I guess I would be surprised if I pulled a chair out of it.  (okay, this man thinks he's funny...haha)
eight:  In your opinion, does your spouse communicate better with talking, touching, or eye contact?
 Eye contact.  He's getting MUCH better at talking though!  We're working on the touching (PG of course people), as it is my love language!  It would figure that he's not good at the thing I want most (hand-holding, etc.) 
nine:  What would your spouse ideally want your current/future children to do for a living?
 Mechanics or something probably really weird.  He thinks he's funny when we talk about future children...little does he know that we will NOT be naming any child 'Bobby Sue' or 'Billy Joe'.  
Be like their father - a redneck - and teach them how to live off the land.  (yeah, no.  sorry babe...good joke though! *rolls eyes*)
ten:  Keeping this as PG as possible... if you were blindfolded, and need to pick your spouse out of a crowd, what would you search for?
 His laugh.  Most definitely his laugh!  Seriously, I need to record it and post it some day, because it's hysterical.  It's also a common 'fun thing' to do at both of our parents' houses.  We make a game out of it, and most often can get him going without even touching him!  Pretty priceless.  
Well, I'm blindfolded, so I would have to go with sound because your other senses are heightened.   I would listen for her voice, but that would be hard because you're in a crowd and someone could sound the same as her.  Hell, I'm blindfolded and can't see anything, I would just start feeling around, maybe I might find her and I might not.  (wow.  welcome to the mind of my husband, people!)

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Veronica Lee Burns said...

haha loved reading through these! Kevin has such a funny laugh too! I'd love to record it but I haven't been allowed yet.

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