Our {Valentine's Day}

Yep, it's LOVE month!  It's the time that all of the happy couples swoon over each other and stress over the *perfect* gifts.  It's the time when all of the single people are grossed out to the max at every single 'couple' they see or hear about.  It's the time that I reflect on my MR and I's relationship thus far. 

Every Valentine's Day has been different for us these past 3 and a half years.  Our schedules are so sporadic that we just never know where we'll be or if we'll even be together.  We've made it work so far and will continue to do so year after year.  It's what we do best!  This year was no exception.  And now you're thinking, what do you mean, 'was'?  That's right, we celebrated our Valentine's Day yesterday afternoon.  This week is actually a very busy week for us, and Monday afternoon was the only time I would be home (I work both jobs today, tomorrow, and Thursday, and Friday I'll be headed out of town after work).  I should probably also take this time to explain that the MR had to go to class within 10 minutes of me getting home at 4:30.  So, our Valentine's Day lasted a whole TEN MINUTES.  And it was an awesome ten minutes!

He greeted me in the garage as soon as I pulled in.  And he was holding a dozen roses, specially wrapped and all!  Now, he knows I'm a sucker for roses!  I know it's a cliché, but I love them!  He had 6 pink and 6 red - so adorable.  He gave me a giant hug and told me just how much he loved me and how much I meant to him.  Then he walked me upstairs, helped me get the roses in a vase with water, and then he was on his way to class. 

He's so adorable - and I love him so much!  Quirky qualities and all!

End of Valentine's Day.  Or so I thought... 

He is usually in class until 10pm, which means he doesn't get home until 10:30.  He surprised me and was home at 9 last night!  :)  I was one happy girl!  He watched my girly shows with me and we just spent great quality time together.  It really was perfect.  I know it wasn't anything huge or glamorous, but I'm a simple girl.  I don't need to be waited on hand and foot or showered with expensive gifts.  It's always been 'the little things' that mean the most to me - a concept I'm continually trying to get my MR to understand.  He's coming along, though ;).

So, another Valentine's Day is in the books, and it was perfect.  We do have 'small' plans for Thursday, but I won't be getting home until 9:30pm and he has to be at work the next morning by 5:00am, so he'll most likely be sleeping already.  We'll see!  Regardless of how Thursday works out though, I'm very blessed to have such an amazing man in my life to share in the ups and downs thrown our way.  I'm truly thankful for our relationship and blessed to be in a very healthy and happy marriage.  We've survived year one of it, and it just keeps getting better and better!  

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April said...

Hey Bri! Happy early Valentine's Day!!!! Sounds like it was awesome :)

BTW - I've nominated you for a Liebster Award :) http://heartonguard.blogspot.com/2013/02/liebster-award-2.html

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