The Bachelor - {Double Trouble}

Okay, so I was seriously excited about the two-night special of the Bachelor this week!  Who wouldn't be??  Seriously, if you watch the show, you know what I'm talking about.  And if you don't, why are you reading this anyway?  Ha!  But seriously, if you don't watch the show and don't care, this is your official warning that I'm about to DIVE IN to Tuesday night's episode.  It was Day 2 of the two-night special.  I got off work at 9, was home at 9:30, and watching the recorded episode by 9:40.  I was that pumped!

So, here we go!

This week's dates were: 2 one-on-one dates and a group date.  And Sean had the ladies whisked away to Canada.  Seriously?  Montana first, and now Canada?  Hmm...Sean's staying local I guess! 

The first one-on-one went to Catherine.  Okay, I have to take a minute to admit here that I wasn't sure about her.  She seemed to sort of fade away into the background up until now.  And her romance with Sean came out of nowhere!  These two really seemed to click right away, and it's so adorable how well they get along!  But this chick has balls.  Yes, balls.  As in, they are in Canada, in ONESIES, in the freezing snow being constantly pelted in the face, and she LOVED every second!  I do admit, though, that when you're with the person that you love, it doesn't matter if it's negative 5 or 90+ degrees.  Well, it might a 'little', but those two did not let it affect their date! They were sledding, tumbling, rolling all through the snow.  It was so picturesque!

So cute!  Then for the evening portion of the date, he took her to this amazing ice castle that was made JUST.FOR.THEM!  How special!  I was freezing just watching this date, haha.  And that's saying something coming from me!  I love the cold!  But again, they did not let it ruin any part of their date.  They were so flirty with each other - it was great to see.  It reminded me of that high school love kind of feeling.  So awesome!  These two know how to have fun with each other but also be very serious.  Catherine opened up to Sean on this date and gave him a little more insight as to why she is the way she is.  At the age of 12, Catherine was at summer camp with her friend.  They were walking down a trail and some girl cut in front of her (I wish she would've told it a 'little' better, but I guess we got the gist!).  Then she heard a loud popping noise, which was a tree falling - that ultimately fell on the girl in front of her and killed her instantly!  She learned, at a mere 12 years old, that life can be taken away in an instant, and you are not guaranteed tomorrow.  Such an amazing lesson though, might I say.  Sean was touched by this story and by Catherine's serious side and gave her the rose!  She's growing on me...for now.  Still not my favorite though!

Then it was on to the group date!  Aren't these always just so much fun?!  Ha! The girls on this date were: Lindsay, AshLee, Lesley, Daniella, Selma, Tierra, and Sarah.  They had three canoes to row across Lake Louise, which was absolutely gorgeous!  Talk about a super romantic setting (of course it is...this is THE BACHELOR for crying out loud!).  Lesley took that chance to hop on in Sean's boat and let him be a man while oogling over him.  So cute!  Her attraction towards him is definitely starting to show more and more, but not in a gross, desperate way like Tierra's.  We're getting to her drama...just wait!  However, Sarah did A.M.A.Z.I.N.G canoeing with only one arm!  She rocked it out...and has definitely been physically and emotionally tested due to her impairment.  But she's been such a great sport about it and always excels.  She's definitely so strong!

So, back to the group date.  Sean is showing his adventurous side these days - and this group date was no exception!  Sheesh!  They joined a club in Canada and did the POLAR BEAR PLUNGE in Lake Louise!  For those of you that don't know what this means: they had to jump into the deep end of the lake in bathing suits and be totally and completely submerged under water.  Please keep in mind at this point that they are in CANADA.  And it's freezing cold! 

Selma flat out refused.  Like, from the very first second they were told what they were doing, she said no.  Do you blame the girl?!  First, Sean expected her to go hiking and be totally un-girly on their one-on-one, but now he wanted her to jump in the lake in freezing cold temperatures?  This girl wasn't having it.  She sat in the tent applying lip gloss every few seconds.  Typical Selma!  I didn't really ever like her anyway... So, they did it!  Everyone else jumped into Lake Louise in bikinis (except Sean of course, who was clad in a striped suit suitable for men).  And .5 seconds later, they were all scrambling to get out of the water and find some warmth!  A few of the girls, mostly Lindsay and Lesley (those girls are so outgoing) absolutely loved it and even mentioned later that they want to start traveling the world doing the Polar Bear Plunge.  Crazy girls!  One girl didn't fare so well, though.  And yep, you guessed it.  Tierra!  She was doubled over and was unresponsive for a few minutes.  The lifeguard had to take her away...

They took her to an SUV outside of the hotel the girls were staying at, took her vitals repeatedly, and just warmed her up.  She seemed to respond to that, so there was no trip to the Emergency Room.  I guess that's just how they roll in Canada!  Sean checked on her later as she was clad in a bathroom, laying in bed, hooked up to an oxygen tank.  Sex-ay!  He reassured her of his feelings towards her and told her it was best she not join them for the evening part of the group date and catch up on some rest.  Did she listen?  Of course not!  This is Tierra we're talking about!  LOVED Lesley's reaction, "We have a Tierra-ist on our hands!"  Ahahahahaha!  It's official: Tierra knows how to be desperate to get what she wants, and she's a professional at faking an injury!  Come on...please send her home, Sean!

Lesley got the rose on the group date, which definitely made me super happy (because my opinion totally counts, duh!).  As I mentioned earlier, she's showing her attraction/love for him more openly, she jumped at the chance of riding with him in his canoe, and she was also holding his hand while they jumped in the lake together!  Awwww!  They also make SUCH a cute couple!

Sarah opened up BIG TIME during her alone time with Sean on the group date.  She told him that she wanted him to meet her family...and brought PICTURES!  Umm, a little overboard I'd say.  She seems to get a little clingy and attaches herself to any man that treats her the way she wants to be treated - but I'd have to agree...he did have her DOG sent to the mansion in LA!  Definitely another 'awwww' moment!  But then, Sean does something that shocks everyone - he sends Sarah home that night!  He told her that he didn't feel a forever with her, and he didn't want her to wait it out, especially during a rose ceremony in front of everyone.  Such a heartthrob ... always thinking of others, that Sean!  Sarah's response, "It's the way love goes, and it's toally okay."  Yeah, I don't think you're okay with it, hun!  But she was totally being the rockstar that she is and staying calm, cool, and collected.  Until she got in the limo and broke down.  She says she's tired of being told she's totally awesome but the guys just aren't 'feeling' it.  Poor thing.  She needs a brownie, stat!  What?? That's what I'd want when the guy I was falling for broke my heart.  Or when I'm sad and emotional.  Or just any hour of any day of the week.  Duh! :)  But, she was totally blindsided.  Poor thing.

Desiree got the second one-on-one this week!  Woo hoo!  But this also tore at Daniella's heart, because she hasn't even gotten one.  Well, it's obviously because Sean does not feel a connection with her and does not want to spend one-on-one time together.  Get the picture, Daniella?  Apparently, she didn't.  But anyway...back to the dream team (aka Sean and Desiree).  Sean surprised Des by their activity of the day: repelling down Tunnel Mountain to have a picnic!  That's over 400feet down the side of a mountain.  Little girl was SCARED.  I would be too, but I did find that she was pretty whiny for a while there.  "It's really steep."  Umm, yes.  It's a MOUNTAIN!  But then, she did compare her adventure with a relationship: it starts off with a lot of questions and being worried about things, then it gets difficult and a little rocky (get it?), and then it eases up and becomes natural.  Aww, she's so smart!  And they're definitely so flirty together!  They ended up having something in common: climbing trees!  They shared a particularly interesting kiss that day...

For the evening session of their alone time, Sean takes Des to a tee-pee, with a fire in the middle!  So romantic (it was obviously a BIG teepee people...).  Des also takes this time to continue to open up to Sean.  She tells her story:  she grew up without a lot of money.  As in, her family (parents and a brother) lived in a tent from time to time, with the longest being 4 months.  Seriously.  And sometimes, they'd live in a trailer, and sometimes, they didn't know where home was.  But she said that her parents always had nothing but love for her and her brother, and that's why she is the way she is.  She doesn't need a lot of material items or a big house - she wants a family that she can love the way her parents loved her.  It was a sweet moment, and it made Sean fall for her even more!  It was definitely needed for their relationship!  Have I mentioned that they're sooo sweet?  Aww!  Of course, Sean gave Des a rose!  He's feeling her :).

So, it's on to the rose ceremony cocktail party:
Selma did not have any courage to jump into the lake.  However, she chose to go against her culture and shame her entire family (her words!) to kiss Sean on national television.  Funny for her that it didn't work, because she was sent home!  I guess Sean didn't like what he felt ... poor girl.  Now she can go home and buy a bra that fits!  Seriously...this girl's jugs are always popping all over the place!  Not cool, Selma.  Not cool.
Lindsay's alone time with Sean during the cocktail party was highly entertaining!  I seriously had thoughts that she was drunk.  She tells Sean that she's not going to kiss him during their alone time....yeah right!  It was pretty cute though...and I do love Lindsay!
AshLee brought a scarf with her to the party.  A scarf?!  Yes.  A scarf - so that Sean could blindfold her.  Umm, kinky!  I guess?  Haha.  It was really about relinquishing control, because apparently AshLee is a control-freak.  She was abandoned young and then was adopted, so now that she's older, she has to control things in order not to get hurt.  Sean even carried her, blindfolded, away to a different part of the hotel, which was utterly cute!  Then, the making out starts.  Yummy.  AshLee tells Sean, "I adore you".  Now that's soooo cute!  I love the way she says that...."I adore you."  Aww.
And, NO TIERRA DRAMA at the cocktail party?!  No way!  Sean left for the rose ceremony with zero drama.  A much-needed change from Montana's cocktail party!

So, Sarah went home early, and then there was 8.  3 have roses: Desiree, Lesley, and Catherine.  2 were sent home...and it's Daniella and Selma to get the boot!  Hooray!  The first rose went to Lindsay, second to AshLee, and the third and final rose of the night....TIERRA!  Ugh.

So, now it's down to SIX girls, and they're off to St. Croix!  The girls seem pumped to head towards warmer weather!  Or that they'll be clad in bikinis with the man of their dreams?  Yeah, that might have something to do with it!  And next week: more Tierra drama (oh joy!).  *rolls eyes*  And Sean reassures Tierra (for the umpteenth time), "I'm crazy about you.".  Ughhhh.  Until next week!  


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"And if you don't, why are you reading this anyway?"

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