Weekend {Shenanigans}

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Friday was a day full of workkk.  I went home, grabbed some clothes, and then hopped in the car, as we were heading to the 'burg (for those of you who may not know, that's my hometown!) to pick up my husband's new T-R-U-C-K.  Well, not a new truck, but a new-to-him truck. Got it?  Good.  Soooo, it was around 7pm when we got there.  I made Colten stop in the middle of the road so that I could capture this beauty.  Yes, I'm addicted to photography.  So sue me!  

 Colten had to open at work the next morning, so he went ahead on home back to Austin for the night, and I decided to stay where I was.  1: I was tired.  2: My eyes were hurtin. Yes, hurtin.  3: I was with my parents in the good ol' countryside!  So, I spent the night.  Yays! 


Saturday ... Saturday ... Saturday seems like so long ago!  I'm seriously trying to remember what happened on Saturday!  Hmm ... Saturday I slept until about 10, which was glorious!  I then proceeded to be useful around the house.  Now, this is a rarity whether I'm visiting my parents or at my own apartment.  Me?  Useful?  That's right...I was TOTALLY useful on Saturday!  I helped Dad hook up the renovator to the tractor (farm girl, right here!).  I also unloaded & reloaded the dishwasher, washed the remaining(ish) dishes by hand, all while cooking lunch, which really only consisted of making macaroni and heating up leftover pork chops.  Then I helped Mom with some laundry and picking up around the house.  I also heard from my husband a LOT on Saturday, as he was running errands in his new wheels!  It's been so tough sharing a vehicle between both of us which such crazy schedules!  No more of that, thank goodness!  At one point, he called me to ask me why we were in the red by five hundred dollars.  I began to seriously freak out (who wouldn't?!).  That's when I logged into our online banking account and saw that we had received our tax return moneyyyy!  I'm one verrryy happy girl! :)  We rounded out the day by watching some DVR'd shows from earlier that week - let's see...I believe we caught up on CSI:NY and CSI: Las Vegas.  Both were great last week!  So, if you haven't watched them, what are you waiting for??  


Sunday I raided my mom's closet for a shirt to wear to church, as I had obviously not planned to be home the entire weekend - I barely had anything with me!  I found one that I really loved - and tried to steal - that went well with my jeans and an over-shirt I had with me.  I also only had dark flip flops with me, but God forgave me for wearing them to church :).  After church, we headed to town to deliver some bad news to my grandpa.  My aunt's mother-in-law passed away earlier that morning.  Losing a loved one is never easy, but she lived to see 100 years, and she was very active up until the end!  Prayers and love go out to the Henneke family this week and in the months to come, as it's a painful time.  After visiting with my grandpa until about noon, which was lunchtime for him, we decided to pick up some food in town.  That's when we noticed this sign: 
*Buy a sausage on a stick and get a free stick* 

Small town advertising at its finest of course!  We all cracked up laughing.  Good times!  After eating lunch (no, we did not get the sausage on a stick ...), we headed home.  Dad went out to get some more renovating done outside, and mom and I relaxed for about an hour.  I found a really cute movie on the Hallmark Channel - yes, cute movie and Hallmark Channel in the same sentence....who'd have thunk it?! It's called Uncorked.  And we had to leave before watching the end, so I'll have to see if I can find it again!  My aunt hosted a thirty-one party in LG Sunday afternoon, so that's where we headed.  We ended up spending way more than we wanted to (surprise, surprise...not!), but it was a lot of fun!  I already bought a few Christmas gifts, and it's only February!  I'd say it was a huge success :).  My husband, not so much...  

This was page 2 of our three-page order form...oops!

On our way back through town, we stopped to see Pops one more time and take him his clothes.  My cousin, Brett, was there, so we visited for a few minutes.  Then we headed back to my parents' house, where I proceeded to pack up my 'junk' and get my butt heading back to Austin!  After all, I did have to come into work today....  

So, that's my weekend recap!  I know, nothing super exciting and dramatic, but I loved it nonetheless!  Simply and carefree are better sometimes :).  

*prayers to my mommy for a speedy recovery post-surgery
*love and prayers to the Henneke family as they grieve their loss 
*lots of love to all of you followers/readers for taking the time out of your super important day to read what I did this weekend
*shoutout to my super-amazing husband who was totally okay with my staying at my parents' house much longer than anticipated, and for holding down the fort until I got back... I love you! ♥
*check out this gigantic cookie from lunch today....

Seriously, it was so amazing.  It's a chocolate brownie cookie.  Yumm! You can also find its fantastic picture by following me on Instagram: @brileigh12

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